Heavy devastation in Ukraine on the 18th day

Kyiv. On Sunday, the 18th day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there was great devastation. Russia bombed several cities in western Ukraine, killing 35 civilians. An American journalist was also killed in Russian firing, while another journalist was seriously injured. Meanwhile, there is news that the Russian army has reached very close to the capital Kyiv and due to this a fierce war has broken out between the two armies.

Russia fired cruise missiles at a military base near the city of Liv in Ukraine’s western region on Sunday, the 18th day of the attack. According to a news in the American newspaper ‘New York Times’, Russia fired more than 30 missiles. 35 people have died in this attack and about 60 people have been injured. In this indiscriminate missile attack of Russia, there has also been a lot of damage in the residential areas.

Meanwhile, Kyiv police have reported that an American journalist was shot by Russian forces in the city of Irpin, killing him. Another journalist is injured. Brent Renaud, who was shot by Russian soldiers, was a great filmmaker and journalist. He has served for several American media organizations including NBC and the New York Times. Earlier, an Indian student was also killed in an attack by Russian soldiers.

Russia also launched a missile attack on Ivano-Frankivsk airport in western Ukraine on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Russian army has reached very close to the capital Kyiv. That’s when a direct fight is going on in the streets of the Russian army with Ukrainian guerrilla parties. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Voldimir Zelensky spoke to the Prime Minister of Israel on the issue of ending the war. The Israeli prime minister’s office said President Zelensky spoke to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on the phone on Saturday evening.

As the fighting escalated on the 18th day of fighting, Ukrainian officials alleged that Russia was also closing the Green Corridor built to evacuate civilians from the cities. Seven people, including a child, were killed in an attack by Russian forces near the capital Kyiv on Sunday. The attack was carried out in the Green Corridor area over a convoy carrying women and children from a village to a safe place. The convoy withdrew after the attack. Meanwhile, there is news that a new wave of corona epidemic may start due to the stampede caused by the war. Health experts have issued a warning for this.

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