Heartthrob Karn Mehta nominated for Best Debut Male

Karn Mehta, the young sensation from Punjab has been nominated for the Best Debut Male Award for the film Gidarh Singhi in this year’s PTC Punjab awards.

We got an opportunity to watch the film which was recently acquired by Amazon Prime and we must admit the young lad has made an exceptional debut. The PTC Awards are happening virtually this year and they’re leaving no stone unturned to promote it.

Karn can be voted on the following link and we request you to help this young lad win this prestigious award for his epic performance.

Many fans and friends have come in support of Karn’s nomination and we hope they’re favourite star wins the award.

Knowing more about his character from the film Karn plays a guy named Lucky and we fill this Lucky indeed got lucky with his nomination and film being picked by Amazon Prime for Digital Distribution.

Gidarh Singhi, karn mehta, who is karn mehta

Karn Mehta has a good fan base which comprises of kids, youngsters and adults because his film was suitable for all types of audiences.

Karn is a trained actor and has been making a lot of connect with his fans in the social media world too.

Gidarh Singhi, karn mehta, who is karn mehta

He can be followed on Instagram @karnmehta_

We would like to congratulate Karn the very best for his best debut male and are rooting for his victory.

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