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Heart Failure Causes: Heart failure has emerged as a major problem in India. The cases of heart failure are increasing continuously in the country. Meanwhile, a worrying study has come to the fore, which states that HIV patients are more prone to heart failure than normal people. This study has been published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. In this, scientists have found out the risk of heart failure of HIV sufferers and the difference due to age, gender and community.

Michael J. Silverberg, an HIV epidemiologist in the US-based Kaiser Permanente Division of Research and senior author of this study, said that in this new study, 38 thousand 868 patients with HIV were included and the study HIV (HIV). Aspects ranging from the effect on the heart of the infected to heart failure have been included.

It was observed in the study that the risk of heart failure in HIV patients was up to 68 percent higher than in the general population. Whereas this risk was even higher for women under 40 years of age and Asian or Pacific Islander people. Researchers involved in the study say that preliminary data has come out that HIV affects the cardiac function of women more than men. The reason for this is believed to be hormone regulation.

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What is AIDS or HIV (Kya Hota Hai HIV)?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus- HIV) is a serious disease caused by a type of life-threatening infection. It is also known as AIDS ie Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. When infected with HIV, the deadly infection attacks the person’s immune system and makes it weak, due to which the body is not able to fight even common diseases. It can take up to 2 to 8 years for any patient to become infected with HIV.

This is a very old disease. The first AIDS patient (AIDS’ First Patient) was revealed in the year 1981. According to a report, so far more than 37 million people have become victims of HIV and since the discovery of AIDS in 1981, more than 300 million people have died so far.

What is the reason for getting AIDS?

unprotected sex.

by exchange of blood.

By transmission from mother to infant.

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What is Heart Failure (Kya Hota Hai Heart Failure)?

Heart failure occurs when your heart cannot properly pump enough blood to other parts of the body. In this condition the pumping speed of the heart slows down. Apart from this, the condition of heart failure also occurs when the muscles of the person become too hard. When this happens, the flow of blood in the body gets interrupted.

Symptoms of Heart Failure (Heart Failure Ke Lakshan In Hindi)

Sudden increase in heartbeat.

Irregularity of pulse rate.

Having trouble breathing.

Swelling in the legs or ankles.

get tired very quickly

Loss of appetite

Swelling in abdomen

Sudden gain of weight.

Persistent cough.

Enlargement of the veins of the neck.

Due to Heart Failure

If there is any kind of blockage in the coronary arteries that carry oxygen to the heart, then the blood supply to the heart is not done properly and due to this the heart is not able to pump blood properly and the heart rate is increased. stops. Explain that the coronary arteries work to supply blood to the heart. Apart from this, the risk of heart failure can also increase due to any other disease. Such a disease, in which the heart has to work more than its capacity, then a condition of heart failure becomes. Other causes of heart failure include blood clots in the lungs, a reaction to a drug, an allergy, or sometimes a virus infection.

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