Hearing in Gyanvapi case will start from today

New Delhi, The hearing in the Gyanvapi Masjid case will begin from Monday in the district court of Varanasi. The District Judge will hear the matter on the orders of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has asked to complete the hearing in the matter in eight weeks. Meanwhile, the former Mahant of Kashi Vishwanath temple has said that he will give a petition on Monday seeking to start worshiping the Shivling found in the Gyanvapi Mosque.

It is worth mentioning that five women had filed a petition seeking permission to worship Maa Shringar Gauri in the Gyanvapi campus. On this petition, the court had ordered a survey of the Gyanvapi campus. The report of the survey has been filed in the court, in which it is being told that Shivling has been found in the premises and the marks of Damru, Lotus, Trishul, Swastik etc. have been found on many walls. Describing the survey as against the law, a petition to stop it was filed in the Supreme Court, hearing which the Supreme Court asked the lower court to hear in eight weeks and till then to keep the alleged Shivling safe and continue the prayers. ordered. The Muslim side is telling this Shivling as the fountain of Vajukhana.

On Monday, May 23, on the order of the Supreme Court, the hearing will begin in the court of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh. Apart from the women who filed the petition in this case, the District Judge will hear the applications and objections of the Anjuman Inazaniya Masajid Committee and the government. The district judge’s court will also hear the issue of whether the Dharmasthala Act of 1991 is applicable in the Gyanvapi case.

Meanwhile, the former Mahant of Kashi Vishwanath temple, Dr. VC Tiwari has said that the Shivling found in the Gyanvapi complex should be worshiped regularly. He said that he would file a petition in the court on May 23 for the worship of the Shivling found in Gyanvapi. Dr. Vice Chancellor Tiwari said that Baba has been found after such a long wait, so it will be very painful for Shiva devotees not to worship him. He said that by filing a petition in the court, he would demand that he should get the right of Baba’s makeup, bhog-raga, bath, cleanliness and worship.

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