Heaps of dead bodies found in the forests of Ukraine, corpses are telling the story of pain

Another mass grave was found in a forest near the city of Buka on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, with the hands of many dead tied behind their waists

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than a hundred days. Neither Russia is ready to retreat in this war, nor is Ukraine ready to give up! In such a situation, Ukraine is facing attacks from Russia every day. These attacks completely changed the course of Russia. Ukraine, once known for the beauty of pine trees and the chirping of birds, has now become a pile of corpses. Recently another mass grave has been found in the forest near the city of Buka on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Among the dead bodies found in this tomb, the hands of many dead have been found tied behind their waists. The excavation of these graves is being done because Ukraine’s police chief has said in his report that authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the killings of more than 12,000 people since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Regarding the bodies, the chief of the Kyiv regional police, Andrey Nebitov, said: “The bullet marks on the knees tell us how tortured people were. Hands tied on the backs with tape show that people were held hostage for a long time.” And the enemy forces tried to extract any information from them.”

According to the information, the bodies of 1,316 people have been recovered in other such mass graves since March. There was a strong reaction around the world after the mass graves were found in Buka. Authorities in the Russian-occupied Southern Ukraine region began issuing Russian passports upon request to those residents of the city. Russia is trying to strengthen its hold on the occupied parts of the country.

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