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Healthy Food For Kids: Moms worry the most about their child’s food and drink. In such a situation, the mother wants that whatever my child eats should be full of nutrition. Because for the development of children, they need proper nutrition and healthy diet. To fill the small tummy of babies, even if you keep solids low, but whatever is in the plate should be full of nutrition. Let us tell you today what to feed your children, so that along with the health of the child, the mind is also sharp-

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Whole Grain

After starting the process of introducing solid food to babies, gradually start including whole grains in their diet (bacchon ko khilaye thos aahar). Children 1-3 years old should be fed 2 cups of whole grains daily. And children under the age of 6 should eat up to 4 cups of whole grains and millets daily. Whole grains contain nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins. You can feed whole grains like rice, corn, wheat porridge and bajra, ragi in any way you like.


If there is no pulse in the Indian thali, then the thali looks incomplete. Because lentils are what we eat for protein. And protein is as important for our health as water or air. Otherwise we may fall ill and weak. And when it comes to children, then it is necessary that the child should inculcate the habit of eating 1-2 bowls of pulses every day.

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Children should be given milk daily for calcium. When your baby is more than 1 year old, then you should add something to his milk which is full of nutrition. Inculcate the habit of drinking milk in children from the very beginning. Otherwise, children make excuses for not drinking milk in small amounts.


For protein, you must feed eggs to your child. According to experts, feed only the white part of the egg to a 1-year-old baby because it can be difficult to digest. At the same time, you can feed one egg daily to 2 year old children.

Green Vegetables

Develop the habit of eating vegetables in children. So that children can get vitamins and minerals from vegetables. If your child does not eat vegetables, then feed him in some other way. Like soup, veg paratha, sandwich etc.

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What not to feed to children (Bacchon Ko Kya Na Khilaye)

At present, children are so young at this age that they should avoid giving snacks. Do not give them outside junk food at all. All these things are harmful to the health of the child. They contain a lot of sugar, salt, fat and chemicals. which can hinder the development of children.


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