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Health Tips: Do you feel that you have suddenly gained weight? Have you suddenly started feeling heavy on your own body? And do you have severe pain in your feet and ankles? Suddenly there was swelling on your face, arms, legs and stomach? If so, you may have a water retention problem. Because all these symptoms are of water retention only.

Let us tell you that only when a person comes in the grip of water retention, then his body is unable to balance the mineral level. Due to this, water starts filling in the tissues of the body, due to which the external organs of the body begin to swell. This problem can also arise due to the increase in the amount of salt in the body. Today we are telling you in detail some important things related to water retention-

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Why does water retention happen?

Water retention means water filling and swelling in the body parts. There can be many reasons for water retention.

Sitting in one place during long distance travel can cause water retention.

Water retention also occurs due to lack of hormonal balance.

Consuming too much salt is also one of the main reasons for water retention.

In women, the problem of water retention can also occur due to hormonal changes during periods.

Disturbances in heart function are also the main reason.

Symptoms of water retention

– loss of appetite

-Severe pain in feet, ankles and ankles

-Swelling in some parts of the body

-Sudden weight gain or weight loss

– feeling of heaviness in the abdomen

-feeling of stiffness in the joints

– pit on pressing on hands and feet

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Some home remedies for water retention

Small changes in life can help you get rid of water retention-

less salt use

You reduce the amount of salt. If there is less salt in the food, then do not eat salt from above at all. Apart from this, use less other spices like chili, turmeric in the food.

avoid eating outside

You will have to make changes in your routine. If you eat more outside food, then immediately change this habit of yours. Because the amount of salt in them can be high, which can enhance your taste but can spoil your health.

drink plenty of water

Drinking more water helps prevent water retention.

avoid sitting too long

Sitting in the same posture for a long time also causes swelling in the body. Because sitting or standing in one position for a long time can also cause water retention. So get up every once in a while and take a walk.

consult a doctor

Mostly it is seen that people start treating themselves by searching the internet on the advice of others. Don’t do that at all. If you are seeing any problem, you are seeing changes in the body, then immediately consult a doctor.

Make changes in your diet

Include magnesium in your diet like yogurt, green vegetables, nuts etc. This gives relief in water retention. Also, include protein-rich things in the diet. Apart from this, also take special care that while working, do not sit cross-legged. And don’t take stress at all. And take out time every day to do yoga, walk.



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