Health Benefits Of Smiling – Power Of Smiling

Smiles do a lot more than simply let the world know you’re happy. There are number of benefits of smile for our health. Smiling is an easy way to boost your mood, be healthier, feel better, and be viewed as more trustworthy and a better leader.


There Is Always A Reason To Smile, Find It.


Lower Heart Rate

Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body. This lets the heart work without overworking. People who smile and laugh often are less likely to develop heart disease. Smiling also temporarily reduces blood pressure. It helps to reduce your risk of developing heart disease.


Better Mood

Feeling down? Slap a smile on your face, even if it isn’t entirely genuine at first, and turn your entire day around with something simple, easy to do, and free. So, if you’re having a bad day, try smiling anyway—it may lead to a genuine smile and lift your spirits.


Reduce Stress

Stress is a common problem in the modern world that causes number of health problems. Stress relief may be as simple as smiling a little more throughout the day. So, maintaining a smile when stressed provides you with both psychological and physical health benefits. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels.


Increase Productivity

Smiling has been shown to increase your productivity while preforming tasks. This also explains why silly internet memes and pictures of cute animals can actually get people motivated and working harder after a few moments of smiling or laughter.


Encourage Trust

Studies show that we are more trustful of others when they smile and smile genuinely. Trust is an important part of social health when dealing with people. Seems relationships are truly built on smiles.


Produce Empathy

When we’re embarrassed or caught doing something questionable, often our first response is a smile. This instinct breaks the initial ice of embarrassment, promotes leniency in what others think of us.


Kill Pain

Smiling and laughter both have been shown to lessen pain. They release endorphins that lift our moods, but many of these act as natural painkillers too. So, if you’re in pain due to an injury, illness or chronic disease, watch a funny movie, attend a comedy show or hang out with friends and family who make you smile.


Look Younger

Smiles naturally lift the face and in studies have shown to make people look younger, around 3 years younger on average.


Long Life Span

People who smile more often live longer too, around 7 years longer than most according to one study. It releases stress, helps the heart, and much more to keep you healthy longer.

Source – sunwarrior


Boost Immune System

Smiles help the body relax and this lets the immune system react more quickly and effectively against invaders.



Better Relationships

People with positive emotions have more stable marriages and better interpersonal skills than people with negative emotions. So, keep a smile on your face to help create stronger, healthier social bonds.

Smile and laugh regularly. Watch funny films, TV, and theater shows. Spend time with friends and family that make you feel happy. Find things to smile and laugh about. Smile Please : )


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