Havoc of speed! 5 killed in car collision on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Mumbai | Mumbai-Pune Expressway Car Collision: Road accidents are continuously increasing in Maharashtra. The biggest reason for road accidents in the country is considered to be high speed. One such famous road accident was of Cyrus Mistry which happened just a few months ago. Similarly, another road accident has happened in Maharashtra this morning. In which the havoc of speed was also seen. A speeding car rammed into another car on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway on Friday morning. In this horrific road accident, 5 people died on the spot.

Vehicles were blown away due to strong collision
Mumbai-Pune Expressway Car Collision: According to the information, this horrific road accident took place in the Khopoli area on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It is being told that on the expressway, a speeding car hit another car from the front so strongly that the vehicles were blown away and 5 people died on the spot, while three people were injured.

early morning screams
Mumbai-Pune Expressway Car Collision: There was hue and cry on the expressway after the vehicular collision. Bodies got stuck in the vehicles. The injured were pulled out with great difficulty and have been admitted to the hospital. After the accident, the local people came running on the spot and along with informing the police, helped the injured and pulled them out of the vehicles. At present, the dead have not been identified. Police is trying to find out.

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