Haryana: Two girls are still trapped in Ukraine, pleading to be brought back…

quota | Russia Ukraine War : Operation Ganga was launched to evacuate Indians amidst the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Under this, thousands of Indian students as well as other citizens have been successfully evacuated from there. Meanwhile, information has been received that two girls from Haryana are still trapped in the war-torn Ukraine’s Kherson city. A social worker from Rajasthan said that he had informed Indian authorities on March 10 about five students stranded in the war-torn Eastern European country, following which three of them have been brought back. He told that Tanu Kherson (19) and Simran Kaur (19) of Rohtak in Haryana have still not returned to the country, they could not reach the place near Kherson city from where they were to be brought to India.

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Online petition has been sent

Russia Ukraine War : Activists say the other three students — Vadi Vivek, Milan Domadia and Arokia Raj — managed to reach the designated spot, from where they were taken by bus via Crimea to Moscow and returned to the country by plane last week. Sharma once again sent an online petition to the President, Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister for the return of the two girls trapped there.

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nothing left to eat

Russia Ukraine War : The worker told that both of them do not have much food left. Both the girls had deposited their blankets and other belongings with the care officer of their building following the message of the Indian Embassy and now they are spending the nights in the cold. Sharma told that he is in constant touch with both the girls through WhatsApp. He said that both need to be removed from there immediately.

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