Harmful Momos-Chowmein: Don’t eat street momos and chowmein! There will be an effect on the brain, paralysis and epilepsy can be caused. 1 News Track English


Harmful Momos-Chowmein: “Street momos and chowmins often contain dirty pork meat, in which cysticercus worms and cysts are found. These directly attack the brain and cause epilepsy and paralysis. Road without knowledge Don’t eat the momo chowmein. Your life will be in danger.” These things were told by Dr. Vijaya Nath Mishra, chairman of the Department of Neurology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in a conversation with ‘Newstrack’.

Do not eat cabbage and pork

Dr. Vijaya Nath Mishra told that do not eat such things, which lead to worms in the stomach. He said during the conversation that “There are cysticercus worms everywhere in the brain, arms, legs. The end of such patients is sad. If the medicine is given to kill the worms, the swelling caused by the death of the worms will lead to sudden death. The Head of the Department of Neurology (Dr. Vijaya Nath Mishra) told that now the only remedy is prevention. Do not eat such things, so that worms enter the stomach. It contains infected pork and cabbage.

do this before eating

Dr. Vijaya Nath Mishra told that the vegetables which are going to grow on the ground or under the ground and which are irrigated with sewage mixed dirty water, if you bring them home, then mix 10 in lukewarm salt-water. Immerse for 10 minutes. Then rinse off. After that wash off with tap water. This will clean the worms and then there is no harm in eating.

Dr. Vijay Nath Mishra (Head of Department, Department of Neurology, BHU)

Don’t eat that meat if you don’t know

The BHU professor told that those who do not know about meat, should not eat meat. Apart from this, wash the cabbage after cutting it in salt-water for 20 minutes and then eat it. He told that by eating meat and cabbage, insects reach the brain. This is called neurocysticercosis. Dr. Vijaya Nath Mishra said that we should fight against it together. Do not eat carrot-radish without washing and peeling without salt water. Wash the cabbage after cutting it in salt-water for 20 minutes, then eat it. Don’t eat meat that you don’t know about.

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