Harman Jolly: A 19 Year Old Indian Entrepreneur

Harman Jolly is an Indian entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Harman Jolly is an influencer & entrepreneur to name a few. Aged 18, he was born and brought up in Delhi. Since childhood, he had been interested in trying new things. Harman Jolly is also the founder of Let’s know more about him.

Harman Jolly: Successful Indian Entrepreneur

harman jolly

His life story is straightforward. He belonged to a family where he got everything he wished. But still, he had a dream to do something different. So, after completing his 12th Standard, he decided to pursue a digital marketing & Cybersecurity diploma. Whereas, simultaneously, he is also pursuing a BBA degree too. Furthermore, After his Digital Marketing Diploma Completed. He started to do a freelancer job, but he was not satisfied.

Once he was searching for a good domain that could be easy to remember, he found out, his firm. Well, he is having a team of his friends, and as he described his friends support him. He said that today “I am at this position only because of my friends.“ Furthermore, his team consists of 5 members (Jasmine, Supreet, Jagpreet, and Harman 8860, Jaskirat). Moreover, his firm skyrocketed. He started earning passive income through social media marketing, Website development, Search engine optimization, Etc.

harman jolly

So, he told us how he got is the first project of his firm

Harman is having a large number of friends, and one of his friends is having an optical store. However, he convinced his friend to take his business online & he designed his friend’s website for free. Moreover, He was building a network. He started charging a bit amount of money from clients and was also earning through affiliate marketing; He is not stopped here. He is working hard to build his company’s name as a brand name.

Harman Jolly “Make Your Friends wisely because either they can help you to grow or destroy you.

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