Had made up his mind to join Congress, said Prashant Kishor, told where things went wrong

Prashant Kishor said, “After two years of talks, almost everything was agreed upon, they (Congress) had a lot of discussion about it even among their party.”

Election strategist Prashant Kishor revealed in an interview to a news channel why he decided not to join the Congress at the last moment. Prashant Kishor told that he had made up his mind to go to Congress and there was a lot of discussion about it in the party too. He said that there was no consensus between the Congress and them on some issues, so he deferred the idea of ​​going to the Congress.

In a conversation with Times Now Navbharat’s Editor-in-Chief Navika Kumar, Prashant Kishor, when asked about the news about his joining the Congress and the reasons behind him not joining the party, said, “Two years of conversation After almost everything was agreed upon, they (Congress) had a lot of discussion about it even among their party. But two-three issues became such due to which our consensus could not be reached at that time. Then it was decided to leave it now, it will be seen later.

On the news of being with Captain Amarinder Singh, Prashant Kishor clearly said, “I was never with him, when I was watching Bengal elections, I was appointed advisor. I never went to Punjab, nor did I take up that assignment. I had a meeting or two, then I said that I don’t think your road is going to be easy. Then the captain had said that there is no opposition in front. Then I told them that the opposition is within you (in the party). ,

However, as soon as Navjot Singh Sidhu was mentioned, Prashant Kishor refused to comment on him. Prashant Kishor said that he does not want to make any statements regarding this matter.

At the same time, Prashant Kishor said on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Hindu and Hindutva’, “This is unnecessary and it is like falling into a trap. This will bloom the hopes of the BJP.” Prashant Kishor said, “If you are a Congress leader and spend most of your speech talking about ‘Hindu-Hindutva’, then it suits the BJP.”


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