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Gulzar sahib used to work in the garage like this changed his luck, know interesting story

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Lyricist Gulzar


  • Gulzar learned not only Hindi but also other languages ​​so as not to read translations of books.
  • Gulzar’s real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

Veteran lyricist Gulzar Sahab may not need any introduction today but he had a bad time too. He had struggled a lot to survive in Bombay then Bombay. To survive in the city of dreams, Gulzar used to paint dented vehicles in the garage. During this time he took membership of a Progressive Writers Association in Bombay. Here he met many lyricists associated with films. If he got time from the garage, he used to spend all his attention in reading and writing something. Gulzar learned not only Hindi but also other languages ​​so as not to read translations of books.

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How to reach Mumbai

Born in Punjab’s Dina, which is now a part of Pakistan, Gulzar’s real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra. After independence his family shifted to Delhi. Gulzar’s elder brother used to work in Bombay. After this he also went to Bombay with him. There he used to paint the dented vehicles in the garage.

Gulzar sahib wanted to stay away from films

Gulzar wanted to be associated with literature. He was not much interested in films, so he wanted to keep away from it. But fate had something else in mind. Apart from writing songs, Gulzar sahib has also directed many films.

Interesting anecdote of writing the first song shared during the interview

Gulzar told about his first song during an interview on ‘The Anupam Kher Show’. It is the year 1960 when the highest award winning filmmaker Bimal Roy was making the film Bandini. Bimal Roy had chosen Sachin Dev Burman as the music director for this film. Secretary Dev Burman always got Shailendra to write songs, but during that time the conversation between the two was closed. So Shailendra refused to write the lyrics of the film.

Debu Sen was an assistant to Bimal Roy at that time. He was also a friend of Gulzar Sahab. Debu Sen knew that Gulzar writes very well, so he asked Gulzar Sahab to meet Bimal Roy. Gulzar convinces Debu Sen that he will not meet Bimal Roy.

When Debu Sen told this to Shailendra, he scolded Gulzar sahib and said that ‘people wait for hours to meet Bimal da and you do not have to go to meet him. Apart from you, is there no one else educated here, only you know all.’

When Shailendra was scolded, Gulzar sahib along with Debu Sen went to meet Bimal da. Gulzar started wearing white kurta pajama from that time itself. Seeing Gulzar, Bimal da said to Debu Sen in Bangla that ‘Ae Debu, a Bhadraloke ki Kore Jaanbe ke Beshno kabita ta ki’.

Hearing this, Debu Sen said that ‘Dada knows this bungalow, writes, reads and speaks too’. Hearing this, Bimal da’s face turned red. In fact, Bimal da told Debu Sen about Gulzar that ‘this man knows what Vaishnava poetry is.’

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After this Gulzar sahib along with Bimal da reached the studio of SD Burman sahib. It was being discussed there that Kalyani, the lead character of the film Bandini, is going to meet her lover and is singing a song waiting for him. Gulzar had to write the song on the same situation. Then Gulzar sahib wrote- ‘Mora gora ang leile, mohe shyam rang daide.’ Gulzar sahib wrote only one song for this film which was liked by all.

After this Bimal Roy called Gulzar Sahab to him and said, ‘Now there is no need to work in the garage. He is making another film. For that film, Bimal da hired Gulzar sahib as an assistant. In this way Gulzar sahib got a chance to write the first song of his career.

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