Gujarati NRI murdered in America, murderers robbed after keeping dead body in store’s refrigerator

Preyas Patel, who went to America 28 years ago, was a native of Sojitra in Anand district, a mountain of sorrow broke on the family.

Criminal cases with Gujaratis living in America are being seen every day. For some time, the incidents of attacks on some people who run stores living in America have been happening. Once again a Gujarati businessman living in America has been shot dead by local robbers. This incident happened on Thursday evening when two robbers came to Seven Eleven, a Gujarati store named Preyas Patel and shot dead Preyas Patel and his employee. Both died in this incident. The deceased Preis was 52 years old while employee Logan Edward Thomas was 35 years old. After this the robbers fled from there after robbing them. Police is probing the incident.

Let us tell you that Preyas Patel, who died in Thursday evening’s incident and went to America 28 years ago, was a native of Sojitra in Anand district. According to this, Preyas Patel of Sojitra village made his mark as a successful entrepreneur because of his hard work. He had a store in Clean Creek, Virginia State, USA. It is said that a black man shot from point blank with the intention of robbing. As soon as the news of this incident was received, there was a wave of mourning among his family members living in Vallabh Vidyanagar and Sojitra in Anand. The deceased used to run a store in Clean Creek, Virginia State, USA. On getting information about the incident, Preyas’s parents and brother-in-law have left for America.

Due to this incident, a mountain of sorrow broke on the wife of Preyas and their two sons. Following the incident, regular customers of the store including friends from Gujarat in the US of Preus also reached the spot and offered their condolences to the family. Here the news of the murder, his parents and brother Tejas Patel living in Vallabhvidyanagar, got mourned in the whole family. Bhai Tej Vallabh is the BJP chief of Vidyanagar city. It is also being told that after committing the murder, the accused kept the dead body in the freezer and continued to carry out their robbery. At present, the police is investigating the matter on the basis of CCTV footage.

It is worth mentioning that, therefore, the people of Gujarat origin living in America and their relatives living here have increased concern. Due to this, these people are planning to request the government to give protection to these people.

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