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Gufi Paintal used to serve the country before becoming an actor

Gufi Paintal: BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ was considered to be the most popular show on television. In the serial ‘Mahabharata’, every character played the role very well. Although at this time Shakuni Mama i.e. Gufi Paintal of Mahabharata is fighting between life and death. Gufi Paintal is hospitalized these days and his condition is said to be critical. The fans of the actor are praying for his recovery. But do you know that Gufi Paintal, who plays Shakuni Mama, has played the role of Sita Maa.

Shakuni Mama has played the role of Sita


Let us tell you that Gufi Paintal had joined the army before coming into acting. When the war broke out in 1962, he was still in the army. Goofy Pantal was posted on the China border. Once Gufi Paintal told that when there were no TV or radio for entertainment on the border, then Ramlila used to be organized there. Gufi Paintal used to play the role of Maa Sita in Ramlila. At that time Ravana used to take Sita on a scooty.

The real identity of Shakuni of Mahabharata

Although Gufi Paintal has worked in many famous TV serial shows, but he got real recognition by playing the role of Shakuni Mama in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. He did this character in a very different way. Even today people appreciate his character.

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