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Gripe Water For Baby: As soon as the child is born, every parent starts worrying about his health. When children start growing up slowly, then the most complaint in the child is from the problem of stomach (Bacchon Me Pet Ki Samasya). Because young children often depend on milk. In the initial days, solid food is not digested, due to which problems like dyspepsia, stomach ache, cramps arise in children. Gripe Water For Kids is given to give relief to the baby from all these problems.

Babies often cry when they have stomach pain pic(social media)

A doctor’s prescription is not required to give gripe water. Due to the not fully developed digestive system of the baby, he suffers from stomach pain. Gripe water contains sodium bicarbonate in liquid form and fennel, ginger, chamomile among other herbs. Let us tell you today what problems you can overcome with the help of gripe water.

Gripe water to relieve stomach ache

Gripe water is beneficial in relieving colic and cramps in the baby. The digestive system of the baby is weak. That’s why he gets problems like gas, stomach pain. Gripe water gives relief from stomach ache.

Gripe water keeps the digestive system fine

By giving gripe water, the gas formed in the stomach of the baby comes out. The natural herbs present in it are effective in relieving gas complaints. It heals the digestive system and gives relief from stomach pain.

Gripe water benefits for colic baby

The continuous crying of the baby for a long time is called colic baby. Often the child cries a lot due to severe pain in the stomach. In such a situation, you can treat colic baby with gripe water.

Gripe water cures stomach ache in children pic(social media)

how to give gripe water

Gripe water for babies is a tonic that helps in relieving colic baby and indigestion and pain. Gripe water in the amount of 2.5 to 5 ml can be given to a child of 1 to 6 years. At the same time, do not give gripe water more than 5 times in 24 hours. It would be better if you consult a doctor before giving gripe water.

Gripe water side effects

Gripe water can cause allergic reactions such as vomiting and itching in the baby. This product has not been certified by the FDA. Therefore, use it only after consulting a pediatrician.



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