Governor should sack Hemant Soren, who looted mineral wealth

Dumka (Jharkhand). The leader of the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Legislature Party in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly and former Chief Minister of the state, Babulal Marandi has asked Governor Ramesh Bais to collect the ‘Mineral Estate’ of the state. Demanded the sacking of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who looted Mineral Wealth. Talking to the media here on Thursday, Babulal Marandi said that in the chargesheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the court on Wednesday in connection with the illegal mining in Sahibganj district of the state, Under the protection of MLA representative Pankaj Mishra, illegal mining of one thousand crore rupees has come to the fore.

He said that now there is no doubt that the MLA representatives were misusing their power. He alleged that the Chief Minister’s representative had become the Chief Minister of Sahibganj in a way. Babulal said that now it cannot be said that the Chief Minister is not involved in this business. Had there been morality left in the Chief Minister, he himself would have resigned because of this matter, but he would not resign. The Chief Minister is not worthy of pardon. Marandi said that in such a situation the Governor should immediately sack such a corrupt Chief Minister. The BJP leader said that in the entire Santhal Pargana division, no less than five thousand crore rupees have been stolen through illegal mining by mixing stone, coal and sand.

He said that a year and a half ago, I had written a letter to the Chief Ministers of Jharkhand and Bihar regarding the issue of illegal mining. The letter was written to the Chief Minister of Bihar because the goods were also taken to Bihar by illegal mining. If the Chief Minister Hemant Soren had stopped this illegal business at that time, then such huge property would not have been stolen. He said that the illegal business which I was raising, it turned out to be true. He alleged that the money which should have gone to the treasury of the Jharkhand government, went to the vault of Hemant Soren and his touts, so Chief Minister Hemant Soren should also be questioned by the ED. When asked about this, there has been no response from Jharkhand Mukti Morcha or Chief Minister Hemant Soren at the moment. (Language)

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