Government should bring white paper on inflation

New Delhi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday criticized the central government for inflation, saying that the government is looting the people. Making the issue of the rise in retail inflation, he also said that people are not getting enough interest on their money deposited in banks even compared to the inflation rate.

Significantly, in March, inflation based on the Retail Price Index reached 6.95 percent. While the Reserve Bank is trying to keep it in the range of two-six percent. The former president of Congress said in a tweet from ‘Jan Dhan Loot Yojana’ hashtag, Inflation rate: 6.95 percent. FD (Term Deposit) interest rate: Five percent. After depositing 15 lakhs in bank accounts, forget it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trumpet trick has blown away your hard earned savings as well.

Meanwhile, the Congress spokesperson has demanded the government to bring a white paper on inflation. On the issue of inflation, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said in a press conference on Saturday that the discussion on the question of inflation gets stuck on petrol, diesel and gas, but the prices of common necessities have increased even more since 2014 till now. Citing the data, he said that during this period the prices of essential commodities like flour, tea leaves, vegetables and milk have increased significantly. He said that during eight years, out of 299 items included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the increase in prices of 232 items has been more than that of petroleum products. The cost of running a household has increased by 44 percent in the last two years. Demanding the government to bring out a white paper on inflation, he said that due to inflation, people in the country are suffering from hunger and malnutrition and India’s position is below Bangladesh and Pakistan in the hunger index. He said that in the last eight years, milk has become 40 percent, ghee 38 percent, edible oil 96 percent, flour 27 percent, pulses, vegetables by 56 percent and hospital expenses and medicines by 71 and 55 percent respectively.

Ms Supriya said that at a time when the income of 85 percent people has decreased, the government should tell what it is doing to check inflation. On the question of Uniform Civil Code, he said that it is an election figment of the BJP. He said that we do not have any objection to anything constitutionally speaking on this issue, but the Home Minister should tell whether all the allies of BJP are with him on this matter.

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