Gotabaya fled to Singapore

Colombo, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who fled Sri Lanka, has left the Maldives and moved to Singapore and is yet to resign. Rajapaksa had reached Maldives after escaping from Colombo after midnight on Wednesday. But the local citizens there strongly opposed giving them shelter. After this he had to leave the Maldives. They have reached Singapore by a private plane. In a statement issued by Singapore, it has been told that they have come on a private visit. It is also said that they have neither sought asylum nor been given asylum. Meanwhile, people’s demonstrations continue in Colombo and in many parts of the country.

After escaping from Sri Lanka and reaching Maldives, a private plane had arrived to take him to Singapore. It is being told that Gotabaya was preparing to fly to Singapore from Velana International Airport in Maldives late on Wednesday, but left the flight fearing protests there. But later he took off and reached Singapore. Singapore’s foreign minister said on Thursday that Rajapaksa had arrived in the country on a private visit. He did not seek asylum here, nor was he given asylum.

On the other hand the protests are still going on in Colombo. On Thursday, tanks were deployed to protect the Parliament building and the road leading to Parliament was closed. Meanwhile, the protesters have vacated the presidential residence and the prime minister’s residence. The army has taken both these places under its control. It is being told that President Gotabaya’s brother and former minister Basil Rajapaksa has also fled to America. Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abhaywardene says that Gotabaya’s resignation has not been received so far.

The protest is not calming down due to the President not resigning. Tear gas shells or mild force are being used by the security forces to control the protesters. One person died and more than 75 people were injured during the demonstration. Meanwhile, curfew was imposed in Colombo from 12 noon on Thursday to 5 in the morning on Friday.

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