Google is bringing special PiP feature, will be able to play other apps along with watching videos on YouTube


Tech giant Google is working on a new feature called PiP which means “picture in picture.” With the help of this feature being brought to iOS users, premium subscribers of the YouTube app will be able to watch videos while using other apps on mobile. Right now this feature is only available for premium YouTube subscribers. At the same time, now this feature has been rolled out as an experiment.

Video will play in mini player window
According to a report by AppleInsider, users will be able to manually activate in advance to use YouTube’s new PiP feature. After enabling the feature, this feature will allow users to minimize the YouTube viewing window and convert it to a mini player window. After which users will be able to use other apps along with watching Youtube videos on the smartphone.

You can use this feature
To use this new PiP feature, YouTube users will first have to go to
Now you have to log-in your Google Account here.
After this, users will have to navigate the picture-in-picture ie PiP mode.
Now users will have to select the option of “Try it out” mode.
After doing this, users will have to open the activate option from their account.
Now a video has to be played by opening the YouTube app on the iPhone.
By doing this, users will have to press the home button or swipe it up and down to close the app.
Now YouTube will change to a mini player.
After doing this the video will continue to play in a small PiP pan.

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