Good News! Now children will also get corona vaccine, Zydus Cadila got emergency approval in India. 1 News Track English


Corona Vaccine: One more step has been taken by the government to stay safe from the corona pandemic. After first getting the vaccine to youth and adults, now children have also been approved to apply the dose of corona vaccine. In this, the central government approved the corona vaccine of Zydus Cadila for emergency use in India for the use of children. A day after getting the approval, Dr. Sharvil Patel, MD, Zydus Group, on Saturday told many important things about the supply and price of ZyCOV-D. He said that we are currently producing the vaccine on a small scale. We hope to start supplying the vaccine by mid-September. By October, we will have the capacity to make 10 million vaccines in a month. He said that the vaccine would be provided to the government.

Same dose will be there for children too

What is the plan of the government to vaccinate the children, it will depend on the government. There will also be dosage beans for children. Three doses of the vaccine will be given. We have secured the opening stock of applicants. We have also received demand from the US. Let us tell you that this is India’s first vaccine for children. He said that the vaccine will be needle free and for this the Suraksha App will be used. The results of Phase I and II have been published in the journal Lancet. No subject has been banned in terms of side effects. There have been no cases of death from serious infection after the second dose. Studies have been done in more than fifty clinical sites. This vaccine can be stored for three months at a temperature of 25 degrees.

Company planning to make 10 to 12 crore vaccines every year

He told that the company is planning to make 10 to 12 crore vaccines every year. The new plants are fully functional. This vaccine is needle free and is the first such vaccine in the world. 1400 adolescent children were included in the study. After the first dose of this vaccine, the second will be given on 28 days and the third on 56 days. He said that with this vaccine there will be no trypanophobia i.e. fear of needles and blood. The entire vaccination program will be completed in two months.

He said that we are also working on a two-shot vaccine. Regarding the price of the vaccine, he said that the price of the vaccine will be fixed in a month. The maximum part of the vaccine will be given to the government. The price and quantity are yet to be discussed with the government. In a month the picture will be more clear.



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