Gold is available for Rs 100, know how to buy gold at such a low price

Gold prices have been touching the sky for a long time. But if at such a time if someone says that this attractive and expensive metal is available for just one dollar, then every person would like to buy it. Actually, the sale of gold has been affected due to the lockdown and corona. But online shopping has also happened a lot in this lockdown. Seeing the boom in online shopping, big brands like Tata Group’s Tanish‍K, KJ‍Yan Jewelers Ltd., PC J‍Wallers and Senco Gold‍D & Diamonds have sold gold online.

People are liking buying gold online

The trend of digital gold is not new in India. Operated with the help of mobile wallet and Augmon‍t Gold‍d for all and world‍d Gold‍d council, Safe Gold‍d likewise encourages buying of gold. However, till now J‍Wallers across the country were shying away from selling the products online.  He believed in selling gold only from the store and people used to buy gold from the stores.

New Offers in the Festive Season

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