Gold hallmarking: Take proof of purity of jewelry kept in the house by paying only this much money, know the complete process




  • Testing fee for 4 gold jewelery fixed at Rs 200
  • Testing fee for 5 or more jewelery fixed at Rs 45 per piece
  • Gold jewelery test and purity report will be provided

Gold hallmarking: The government has announced to start the second phase of mandatory hallmarking of gold jewelery from June 1. That is, if you go to buy new jewelry, then there will be no need to worry about purity. It will be mandatory for the jeweler to put a hallmark on the gold ornaments. In this new phase, 32 new districts of the country will be added. With this, the government has made another start. If you want to check the purity of the gold kept in your home, then you can easily do this work. You can get a certificate of purity of your jewelry by paying a nominal charge. With this, if you need to sell at any time, then there will be no problem.

BIS started the facility to conduct investigation

BIS has made a provision to allow an ordinary customer to get his/her unhallmarked gold jewelery tested for purity at a BIS accredited Assay and Hallmark Center (AHC). AHC will test the gold jewelery from general consumers on priority basis and provide purity report to the consumer. The test report issued to the consumer will assure the consumer about the purity of his jewelery and will also be useful if the consumer wants to sell the jewelery lying with him.

How much will have to be paid for the investigation

The test fee for 4 gold ornaments is Rs 200. The testing fee for 5 or more gold ornaments has been kept at Rs 45 per piece of gold. Consumers can access the detailed guidelines on testing of gold jewelery and the list of recognized assaying and hallmarking centers through the home page of the BIS website. The authenticity and purity of hallmarked gold jewelery having HUID number purchased by the consumer can also be verified by using ‘Verify HUID’ in BIS CARE app, which can be downloaded from Play Store.

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