Going to the market to buy smart lights, then keep these things in mind


Diwali Tips: Few days are left for Diwali. Everyone is busy decorating the house. Lighting is the most important thing in home decoration on Diwali. If you are also preparing to buy lights to decorate the house, but are confused about the better option, then this news is important for you. In this we will tell you some tips from which you can choose a better light.

  1. Color Tunability – There is a lot of smart bulbs in the market. They give you a lighting color range of over 16 million colors. In such a situation, keep in mind the color tunability while choosing the bulb. You choose cool light and warm light according to your task.
  2. easy-to-use bulb It is very important to keep this in mind while taking smart lights. Choose a light that is easy to use. Now such lights are also available, which you can control with the app and voice. It would be better if you choose a similar light. This will make them easier to operate. You can turn them on and off from any corner of the house.
  3. Interoperability Before buying a smart light, check its compatibility with other smart devices in the house. Check to see if the bulb you’re buying will be able to connect independently to your app or to the home ecosystem in your home. There are many companies in the market who have put bulbs based on smart home and IoT technology in the market.
  4. View the range of lighting products – Right now most of the smart lights in the market come in the form of round bulb. However, there are many brands that provide different sizes of bulbs. You can have a choice of LED bulbs, batten downlighters or LED strips from the Philips Smart Wi-Fi range.
  5. Scheduling & Timers Lite – Check out this smart bulb that automates the lighting schedule according to your lifestyle. Like this light wakes you up in the morning, welcomes you when you come home or turns off automatically at late night.

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