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God Avatar of ‘Act of Fraud’ Modiji!

Human and especially Hindu history is full of ‘acts of fraud’. Fraud is not petty. To directly declare oneself to be God or to become-created. Putting aside the superstitious society of really sheep and goat life, just think about the experiences of the conscious Hindu people of the 21st century. They are living life in what kind of ‘act of fraud’. First of all look at Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh aka RSS. What happened with this ‘Act of Fraud’ which neither became their Hindu Rashtra, nor became an All India Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act, nor Swadeshi-Self-reliant India, neither foreigners were expelled, nor Common Civil Code nor Hindus in Kashmir Valley. It was possible to live Despite this, he was compelled to keep performing the aarti of Modiji. Narendra Modi has taken over the Sangh in every way. Neither Mohan Bhagwat has any status nor his swayamsevak Nitin Gadkari or any XYZ volunteer chief minister! If the divine power of Narendra Modi continues till 2029, then the Sangh will be celebrating its hundredth year as Modi Swayamsevak Sangh.

Means in eight years the institution, culture, character, service, society, culture are all over and every Hindu, every volunteer, day by day, seeing the deals of mandis, trading and trading of politicians, fear-fear and global indexes to the abyss of the country. I am watching but I do not have the courage to do anything in front of God. Accordingly, this global report is very shocking that UNESCO has considered India’s education at the level of Afghanistan. Education in India has lagged behind even Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Pakistan.

Isn’t it all because of the ‘Act of Fraud’? Who is the biggest victim of this ‘Act of Fraud’, those who worship Modiji as God and because of whom they have the magic of getting votes.

Yes, in every scale, in every criterion and in every field, global indexes are revealing the truth of India’s deteriorating condition year after year, so it is because of those ignorant, superstitious and the population living in salt-free bread and salt, In which there is no understanding of what it is like to live in real education, real medicine, real employment and real human freedom and dignity. What is the difference between sheep life and human life?

No doubt there are already two types of life running in India with the ‘Act of Fraud’. Ruler and ruled. of God and devotee. But after the year 2014, the strangeness of the difference between Adani-Ambani vs Garib-Gurbe is that in the stories of Adani-Ambani becoming a billionaire from the incarnate God, the poor-Gurbe are now finding their happiness. Five kg free ration in the flock of the poor, God’s prasad and proof of prosperity!

In India, all the poverty of common life (hunger, education, medicine, employment, accidents, diseases etc.) which have been stamped by the ‘Act of Fraud’ has destroyed the understanding that government education, government medical, government services, etc. Versus Five Star Education, Medicine and Services The difference between the lives of the majority of the population is betrayed. Their future generations are to become hell. But some 100 crore population of the country is blind in that narrative, that propaganda, that social media which is too much of Kali Yuga.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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