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Global Handwashing Day: Corona has well explained the importance of complete hand hygiene to everyone. By keeping hands clean, not only corona but many other types of infectious diseases can be avoided, because many diseases enter the body through mouth and nose through hands. Global Handwashing Day is celebrated every year on 15 October to make the community fully aware about this.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sudhakar Pandey has appealed that special care has to be taken of hand hygiene to prevent from other infectious diseases including Kovid. He has given six major steps of proper hand cleaning (sabun paani se hatho ki safai) with soap and water, which can be understood by Suman-K method. S means first wash the right hand with soap and water, U- then wash the opposite hand, M-then wash the fist by rubbing, A- wash the thumb, N-wash the nails and K- wash the wrist thoroughly . By this method, the habit of cleaning hands should be inculcated in children from childhood. Its importance should also be explained.

At the same time, Pediatrician Dr. Sivanand Srivastava says that reports show that about 17 percent of the total deaths of children between zero to five years are due to pneumonia and 13 percent due to diarrhea. If full care of hand hygiene (hathon ki swachata) is taken, then the life of children can be saved by definitely reducing this figure. In the initial days, children come under the grip of these two diseases many times, because after touching things here and there, they put their fingers in their mouths or they eat or drink something with the same unseen dirt-filled hands. That is the main cause of diarrhea. Due to prolonged exposure to diarrhea, children are also exposed to malnutrition, which affects their entire life cycle. That is why it is important to inculcate the habit of proper hand hygiene in children. Try to incorporate this into their behavior. It should be noted that the mother washes hands thoroughly with soap and water for 40 seconds before touching and feeding the child, before preparing and eating food, immediately after coughing and sneezing, after taking care of sick persons and after defecation. Be sure to wash To avoid corona, after coming home from outside, wash hands and feet thoroughly with soap and water, only then enter inside. Apart from this, wash or sanitize hands even after touching any object or surface. Senior doctor Dr.BN Agrawal says that many respiratory diseases arise due to lack of proper hand hygiene. It is also a major cause of throat infection. After washing the hands thoroughly, people wipe them with a cloth, due to which there is no point in that cleaning, so after washing the hands, dry them in the air. Protect yourself from infection.

Global Handwashing Day (Photo: Social Media)

Take special care of hand hygiene in these situations (swachata ka khayal)

Before preparing food and eating food.

•-After defecation.

•-Before touching the newborn baby

• After coughing or sneezing.

• -After care of sick persons.

• After-trash disposal.


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