Glazedinc Tempered Glass and Case Review: Pretty Good

The first thing we do after getting a new phone is to put a case and glass on it to save it from smudges and scratches. No matter which material has been used for the back panel of our phone, we always try to save it from accidental drops and the same story goes for the display as well because the replacement costs are generally higher. Nowadays there are so many cases and tempered glass available for almost all the smartphone model. However, to get the perfect one is not that easy. We are going to review Glazedinc Tempered glass and case today which we got for the Poco X2. Without further delay let’s get started with the Glazedinc Tempered Glass and Case Review.

Glazedinc Tempered Glass and Case Review

Before we start with the review, I would like to mention that that package you will be getting is very minimal and provides good safety to the glass inside. It comes in a good cardboard box which also contains wet and dry cleaner and dust remover sticker which is a nice addition. If you will order the combo then you will get the hybrid case as well and we suggest you order the combo to get the best experience.


Wet and Dry Paper
Dust Absorber

Usually to apply a tempered glass on a smartphone is not an easy process and it requires an additional tool i.e. credit card to remove the bubble and all. However, that’s not the case here. First of all clean the display of your smartphone with wet and dry paper. You can also remove extra dust with dust stickers provided in the box. Then simply turn on the screen, put the glass on it, adjust the border and leave it. That’s it. The glass will be applied in a few seconds and there will be no bubbles as well. If you find any air bubble then gently press there and it will disappear. If you are someone like me who has never applied any screen protector yourself then Glazedinc Tempered glass is the way you should go. Applying process is very easy.


Poco X2 2.5D Real Curved Edge to Edge Glass

All the new smartphones now come with 2.5D curved glass and for that reason, it’s tough to get a good quality glass which fits perfectly on the display but that’s where the Glazedinc product shines. I was expecting it to above average fitting but it has superior fitting. You won’t notice any gap. Also, the black borders around the glass are very well measured and it does not overlap the display which is the case with many 2.5D glasses.

Smooth and Clean

On Poco X2, the glass covers the punch-hole cameras but it does not affect the picture quality at all. Also, the smoothness of the display is still there and it does not get fingerprint that easily. You can clean with microfiber cloth easily. It is 9H hardness and well I haven’t tested the hardness of the glass it seems very promising in terms of drop protection. Also, you should get the hybrid case which works very good with the glass.

Hybrid Case

Glazedinc also offers good quality hybrid case which comes in various colours, Red, Blue, White, Black and Green. We got the white one which is transparent and have matte finish on it. It covers the entire phone and also protects the display because it has slight edges. The case is very lightweight but on a slightly thicker side. However, it does not feel bulky in hand but the design and in-hand feel is so good. It provides extra grip while using the phone with one hand and not just that but the matte finish ensures that it does not get any smudges after long hours of use.

All the ports and button are well-protected as well. These both products work really well with each other. The pricing of case and glass is on a higher side but considering the quality it offers, you should definitely go with this. It gets solid 9.5/10.

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