Girl came in the middle of ‘gay couple’, know who was infidelity and who died…

Indore | Gay Couple Murder Crime : A surprising case has come to light from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. After the death of a young man here, the police have found something like this in the investigation, which has also surprised the police. The youth had committed suicide, after which when the police investigated the room, a suicide note was found. In the suicide note, the deceased youth has told that he was troubled by the infidelity of his friend (boyfriend). The young man has also written that his lover was living with him for 3 years. During this, he had physical relations with her many times. Police have registered a complaint after recovering the suicide note and are looking for the accused.

Jaipur Blast Arrested Rajasthan :
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If my heart is full then…

Gay Couple Murder Crime : The deceased youth has written this suicide note after being very emotional. In the suicide note, the deceased youth has written that he lived with me for 3 years and used to tell himself quite helpless. Everything was going on between us. Slowly he started filling my mind with me after which he started misbehaving with me. In the suicide note, the deceased has written that her lover had also assaulted her several times, after which she had suffered serious injuries. There are some pictures along with the suicide note in which both of them are seen getting married. In the letter also, the deceased youth has mentioned about this marriage.

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The girl came between the couple

Gay Couple Murder Crime : The deceased youth has written in his suicide note that a girl had come between them. This is the reason why her boyfriend used to spend less time than her and slowly went mad after the girl. The deceased says that the girl was also deliberately framing him. However, it is written in the letter that he has no displeasure with the girl as she did not know anything about our relationship. The police has now become serious in this matter and is continuously raiding to find the accused. People of the transgender community are continuously pressurizing the police to arrest the accused.

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