Ginger has amazing medicinal properties

Ginger Bio-Active Compound Gingerol, Improves brain function Especially in relation to middle age women. It prevents Alzheimer’s by reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that increase the aging process and slows down the brain damage process caused by aging. If we talk about infection, then ginger, Protects against both bacterial and virus infections.

You must have heard the famous saying, ‘Bandar kya jaane’ the taste of ginger. Don’t know how much monkeys know about ginger. But we humans have also discovered those tastes which are not made for the tongue but for the health. Reputed scientific institutions of the country and the world have recognized these properties of ginger after research and believe that ginger is really medicine.

Considering that nothing is more important than health, everyone should be healthy by natural methods, centuries ago, plants with medicinal properties were added to the diet and made a part of the culture among our ancestors. Following this tradition, we made ginger tea. Because the trend of tea started only recently, around 1850. Today there is hardly anyone who does not drink ginger tea in winter.

used in many ways

Ginger is the most common ingredient in food recipes all over the world. It is used in different ways. Somewhere fresh, somewhere after drying and somewhere by making powder. Its oil is used in medicines and cosmetics. Basically it is a flowering plant that comes from the family of turmeric, thick cardamom and galangal. The most useful for us is its root i.e. ginger root. You will be happy to know that its origin is our land i.e. Jambudweep. In Ayurveda, it is considered one of the healthiest and most delicious plants growing on earth.

How so healthy?

Now the question is how ginger is so healthy? So the answer is because of gingerol. Which is its main bio-active compound. Ginger’s taste, medicinal properties, aroma are all due to this, it is also the source of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes properties. For this reason, it is being used for centuries in the treatment of indigestion, nausea and cold-cough-cold. According to Ayurveda, if half spoon juice of ginger mixed with equal quantity of honey and turmeric is heated and licked, it provides relief in cough, cold and cold. Keep in mind, do not drink water for 30 minutes after licking it.

Very effective in these diseases

Ginger is an effective medicine for nausea, especially morning sickness. Scientists found in research that consuming 1 to 1.5 grams of ginger in the morning provides relief in nausea caused by pregnancy, surgery and chemotherapy. It stops vomiting, but in pregnancy, it should be consumed in very small quantities only after consulting a doctor.

Ginger is very beneficial for our bones, research has shown that it prevents the damage caused by osteoarthritis in the bones. Scientists told that the combination of ginger, gum, cinnamon and sesami oil reduces knee pain and stiffness.

See, how many properties are there in twisted ginger, but this is just the beginning. Research has revealed that the anti-diabetes properties of ginger are beneficial for the heart along with reducing blood sugar. If patients of type-2 diabetes increase its quantity in food daily for 12 weeks, then their average sugar level, which is called A1C, will decrease and the amount of hemoglobin in the blood will increase. With this, sugar will be controlled as well as the heart will also be healthy.

To know the effect of ginger on chronic ingestion, three different researches were done on it, then it was found that it is no less than any other medicine in relieving digestive problems, discomfort and chronic constipation. It easily cures chronic digestive problems.

Ginger is a boon for those women who face painful periods every month. Scientists, while doing clinical trials on 150 such women, gave them 250 mg ginger powder on the first three days of their period, and found that it is as effective as other pain reliever drugs in removing menstrual pain.

Now another feature of ginger. It lowers total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides. One study revealed that taking three grams of ginger powder daily for three months reduced these three by 10 to 17.5 percent. Therefore, without delay, increase its quantity in your food or take three grams of dry ginger powder daily.

To find out the effect of ginger in cancer prevention, scientists gave some people 2 grams of ginger extract daily for 28 days in a clinical trial and found that it reduced the risk of colorectal and gastrointestinal cancer, especially pancreatic and liver cancer. In another research, it was also found effective in preventing breast and ovarian cancer.

Gingerol, a bio-active compound of ginger, improves brain function, especially in middle age women. It prevents Alzheimer’s by reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that increase the aging process and slows down the brain damage process caused by aging.

If we talk about infection, ginger protects against both bacterial and virus infections. It is very effective against oral bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory infections. A research conducted in 2008 showed that due to its effective against oral bacteria, its regular consumption protects the gums from many diseases. And speaking of respiratory infections, it is being used for centuries to avoid cold-cough-cold.

Scientists have found ginger to be effective in reducing weight as well as improving BMI. According to a research done in 2016, it keeps BMI ie body-mass-index correct by reducing high blood insulin levels related to obesity. A research conducted in 2019 showed that taking ginger supplements can reduce body weight and improve the waist-hip ratio. Lose weight and shapely body with ginger, wow.

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