Get personalized messages from Celebrity through different platforms

We’ve all heard about people’s celebrity obsessions, without a doubt. It is not limited to Indians; it can be seen all over the world. Having a conversation with a favourite celebrity has always been a dream for everyone. The influence that these people have as a result of their lifestyles, glitz, and glam. Celebrities not only have a special bond with their audiences that is built on trust and loyalty, which is one of the reasons people follow them. Sometimes the audience goes so mad that they wait outside the celebrity’s house, or follow them so that they can get just one chance to talk with their favourite celebrity. Everyone would like to receive personalised messages from celebrities.

Imagine receiving a personalised greeting, call, text, or video call from your favourite celebrities on any special occasion for you, your family, or your loved ones. It’s very trendy, and it’s also one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. There are several sites and applications available that help you to get personalized messages from celebrities.

Here are the top five websites that would help your dream come true:

  1. Memmo

Memmo connects fans to their favourite celebrities via personalised videos, messages, and shoutouts. It was founded in late 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has grown at an incredible rate since then. Memmo is the world’s largest marketplace for personalised videos from thousands of celebrities (athletes, actors, comedians, musicians, YouTubers, and so on) to fans and businesses. Personalised videos are the first step in their mission to tech-enable and democratise access to talent, allowing them to provide a diverse range of products and services to fans and businesses. To date, the company has raised $24 million and is the largest celebrity engagement platform outside of the United States. Their unique add-on products set them apart in the industry.

  1. Tring

Tring is India’s largest platform for connecting with the most famous people in the world. If you want to use Tring, you must first reserve your time slot as well as the celebrity you want to talk, video call, voice call, or text with. You will be able to receive messages from him/her once your slot has been cleared. Tring. Tring features celebrities such as Kiku Sharda, Shraddha Arya, Tulsi Kumar, Sidharth Nigam, and others. You can now receive personalised messages from your favourite celebrities. Select a time slot and then connect via chat, phone, or another method.

  1. Cameo

Cameo now offers personalised video shoutouts from your favourite celebrities, particularly international celebrities. It enables you to have hundreds of wonderful, creative people deliver your message, whether you’re wishing your brother a happy birthday or roasting a friend after a close fantasy football game. Cameo talent has seven days to fulfill your request after you book a video shoutout. Your video will be emailed to you immediately, allowing you to share it with whomever and whenever you want.

  1. Truefan

Truefan is an Indian app that enables users to connect with celebrities. It allows you to connect with celebs like Ranveer, Karina, Akshay, Tiger Shroff, Alia, and Hritik to request a chat, video call, etc. You can also request personalised messages from them on your special day or for your special ones.

  1. Gonuts

Another website where you can get a personalised greeting from any Indian celebrity of your choice is GoNuts. You can also find a long list of celebrities and influencers to send a video greeting on a birthday or other special occasion.

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