‘Generation change’ in BJP, Bhagat’s union return

Bhopal. After nearly a decade and a half in the BJP, by creating a new generation and establishing new faces, the honorable return of the organization General Secretary Suhas Bhagat was ensured. . shiv prakash can be seen stamping.. suhas bhagat bjp rss

He felt the need for major changes in the organization needed to groom new faces by identifying them capable of winning the elections. From Amit Shah to JP Nadda BL Santosh, on this work of Suhas related to the guidelines and strategy of the national leadership. Remains .. which has been evaluated from time to time .. in comparison to other organization general ministers who came to the fore during the tenure of one and a half decade of power pleasure, only Suhas’ resolve as a campaigner was fulfilled to make a respectable return to the Sangh..

This decision, which was announced with a new responsibility in the All India Pratinidhi Sabha held in Karnavati of the Sangh, left the message that Suhas got respect as a campaigner that the Sangh’s trust in Bhagat is intact. It is being done and will continue to be done in future.. What is lost and what is found, it is necessary for them personally.. From the expectations of the union to the feelings of the workers, their nature, working style should also be evaluated..

Not necessarily all satisfied with his decisions in 6 years.. Some got angry but leaving some exceptions and expectations, Suhas has done his work in the organization.. The ground for future BJP has been prepared.. With time in which Change is also necessary.. In the BJP going through change, even those who do not agree with his decisions will be found. He almost accomplished the big goal.. With the necessary changes in the ruling organization, the power was made organizational..

The ministers, MLAs who remained in the government for a long time unheard the important link of the organization system, which they now have to win the trust of the divisional presidents also. Pai but a big change in familyism cannot be ruled out with Patavad. In the presence of Shivraj, from street politics to organization ability was also seen very closely.

Contemplating brainstorming on the party forum, leaving no stone unturned in the stay among the workers with 121 discussions in a closed room. He cannot be accused of indulging in transfer, posting, earth fund and arrogance personally for family or acquaintances while living in the state. I was only possible..

When the party organization was celebrating the centenary celebrations of Kushabhau Thackeray.. Then the line of organization Shilpi which was once carried forward by Thackeray, Khandelwal and Narendra Tomar in the new generation, in the future BJP, a new name of Suhas Bhagat will also be seen. After moving forward on this line, the new system that came out, the new experiment, the new coagulation, will be tested with the results of Mission 2023. Like the former union ministers, politics was probably not coming in the way.

Rather, he had expressed his expectation from the top leadership long ago.. The reasons for this may also be many. Away from politics, he may get a fresh opportunity to play a new innings. At present, its new innings has started from the intellectual head and the field has also increased.. Going to play the role of intellectual head at the field level. In 2018 when the BJP could not gather the required majority and the government came out with the Scindia factor

He gave a direction to the politics of coordination needed to run the government and maintain it stable. Bhagat’s organization became possible when he was the General Secretary.. The culmination of which was accomplished by establishing a young energetic face like Vishnu Dutt Sharma. Suhas- Vishnu’s triangle with Shivraj proved to be effective

… it is another matter that all three had to bring a change in their thinking and priorities, whose sour and sweet experience is with everyone.. Many such decisions related to the rejuvenation of the organization and the district can be counted. Gave free hand to the president.. Leaving an exception with Chief Minister Shivraj in the role of organization general minister, the understanding got stronger after some ups and downs. They were.. but they never adopted stubbornness or stubborn attitude. Big relief to Damoh, when Damoh lost more than 28 by-elections, the results of 4 elections had given… BJP’s Tridev got not only great power but also relief.

, Which is being seen by linking it to the script of change needed for victory.. Even though the key to the organization was with Suhas as the General Secretary of the organization, but a long army of senior allies and juniors has stood above him..Forum BJP Whether it is about the Sangh or the Sangh, he put forth his point strongly. Was accused of bowing down in front of ..

Suhas Bhagat saw the ups and downs of BJP very closely during the tenure of about 6 years. He also became a witness to the deteriorating equation of BJP playing the role.. From state president Nandkumar Singh Chouhan to Rakesh Singh and Vishnu Dutt Sharma, Suhas stood firm during the three times.. Nandu Bhaiya’s dedication to strengthen the government and Shivraj .. So with Rakesh Singh’s growing ambitions, there was a conflict in the discussion, not only the party and Vishnu Dutt, worried about his future chessboard, Suhas Bhagat along with everyone went ahead with the line… which was expected of him behind the scenes by the Sangh..

A big challenge in front of Suhas Bhagat was to give a new identity to the organization apart from the elections. Even after completing the booth expansion scheme, Suhas was relieved of the responsibility before completing the big goal of the new challenge dedication campaign.

The system of organization ministers ended during his tenure and he also got the intention of the national leadership of the Sangh fulfilled.. The adjustment in the power of the organization ministers was not possible without his interest. Despite the threat, Suhas Bhagat played his role honestly in establishing a new identity for party president Vishnu Dutt Sharma. .. as the successor of Narendra Singh Tomar, there should be a necessary change in the team of state president Nandu Bhaiya or later the option of Rakesh Singh’s office bearers also came to the fore during his organization General Secretary. .. then there was the entry of Suhas Bhagat.. In 2018, when Amit Shah’s national president, the party high command had left all the decisions necessary to go to the elections under the leadership of Shivraj.

Then Suhas Bhagat lacked experience but he not only strengthened his hold on the party but also took the organization out of the hands of the ministers MLAs. In 2003, the then organization general secretary Krishna Murari Moghe with the change to form the BJP government. In place of Kaptan Singh Solanki, after that many campaigners like Makhan Singh, Arvind Menon, Bhagvatsharan Mathur, Anil Dave were sent by the Sangh to the BJP. Most of these campaigners liked politics very much. Murari Moghe Lok Sabha and Anil Dave Rajya Sabha who also became a minister in the Modi government at the Center.. Anil Dave before that also became the advisor to the then Chief Minister Uma Bharti. The first organization general minister, who was playing the role of a minister, then became a pracharak.. The status of all of them was abolished.

Makhan Singh Late Bhagwatsharan Mathur, Suhas Bhagat was one of those lucky ones who did not get away from the Sangh. .. Makhan Singh’s path could not be opened at the national level, so he was awarded a red beacon by the Madhya Pradesh government. Earlier, co-organization general secretary Atul Rai was also freed from BJP.. The role of all these whose success and failure on the political front can be questioned.

..but if the Sangh had ensured his return home.. then surely it would have been evaluated. closed.. but the background and purpose for which he was sent by the Sangh to BJP.. His return to the mainstream cannot be ignored. Gotta understand..

Many pracharaks of Madhya Pradesh have gone out of the state border and played different roles at the national level even before this. Hitanand has also been a witness to many by-elections and organization reshuffle.. It is still for him to learn the tricks of bringing the changing BJP back to power. Now the National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh has to be taken with the necessary decision for the new system.. Keeping in mind the 2023 assembly elections, the leadership of the BJP has to assemble.. For which the written letter from the party high command will have to be waited..

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