Game: India’s young Grandmaster R Pragyanand defeated world number one Magnus Carlsen

Pragyanand won three straight games against Carlsen, including two tiebreakers

India’s young Grandmaster R Pragyanand i.e. Rameshbabu Pragyanand has once again raised the name of the country by defeating world number one Magnus Carlsen with a score of 4-2 in the final round of FTS Crypto Cup Chess. Magnus Carlsen, the world’s number 1 chess player, has been a world champion five times. But India’s famous Grandmaster Rameshbabu Pragyanand surprised everyone by defeating Magnus Carlsen 4-2 in the final round of the FTX Crypto Cup held in Miami, USA.

Pragyanand remained in second place even after the victory.

Despite the victory against Carlsen, the 17-year-old grandmaster from India finished second. Carlsen won the title with the most points. He scored a total of 16 points. Pragyananand ended his campaign with 15 points. Norway’s Carlsen won the third after the first two games were drawn but Pragyananand did not give up and won the game to take the match to a tiebreaker.

Good thing to be second in the tournament

After finishing second in the tournament despite the victory over Carlsen, Pragyanand said that I could have played very well during the last few days. But being second in the tournament is a good thing. Earlier, Pragyanand had defeated Carlsen twice in online matches as well.

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