Gahna Wadhwa: Walking Towards The Path of Success

Gahna Wadhwa is a fun-loving girl. She loves life experiences. She is currently 16, studying in Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Professionally she is an actress, model and started into blogging, other than that her skills are dancing, writing, photography, skating.

Here’s one of her writings.

Gahna Wadhwa, who is Gahna Wadhwa, Gahna Wadhwa actress

This shows that she can find happiness and joy, even in chaotic situations.

She is a girl with big dreams. She knew what she wanted to do from the age of 10. She’s been learning dance since the age of 6, but when people started praising her expression, she started trying into acting, and that became her passion. She says, ” My family always supports me. I was 13 when I started giving acting auditions. My family is not from the film industry, so we didn’t have any idea about how to start in this industry. But looking at my passion, my parents tried contacting casting directors and coordinators from google; we started watching audition related videos on YouTube. I am lucky to have such parents. Hereby, I request every other parent to support their children with their passion. Also, I request teenagers to tell your parents about your passion they will surely understand slowly but yes they will.”

Gahna Wadhwa, who is Gahna Wadhwa, Gahna Wadhwa actress

She has done many theatres, a song, lead in a Web series etc. She also has a Diploma Certificate of acting from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares.

Some of her Character looks.

Gahna Wadhwa, who is Gahna Wadhwa, Gahna Wadhwa actress

Gahna was also constantly Complimented about her good height. She realized that she was good with pose and walk. So, side by side, she also tried into modelling industries as she likes experimenting with different things. She walked on a ramp at the age of 15 as a teenage model; she even got print shoots, Website ads etc.

Some of her modelling pictures.

Gahna Wadhwa, who is Gahna Wadhwa, Gahna Wadhwa actress

Gahna’s fashion style is bold yet sweet. She always tries to put together expensive clothes with inexpensive ones from streets like Colaba, Manish Market and many other from Mumbai. Her style is open to experiments. She never follows the fashion rules and still makes it look absolutely perfect.

Gahna Wadhwa says, “I have been through a lot of rejections. I am still in my struggling stage. I still feel breakdown sometimes, but that hope never goes off. That passion always holds me. I fall, I cry, and I get up and walk on the path of success again. People will hate you at times, but that will help you get the motivation for growing more and more towards success.”

Gahna Wadhwa, who is Gahna Wadhwa, Gahna Wadhwa actress

She has been bullied and body shamed and also teased on her voice, and now she is using that same voice same body for acting and modelling field. She stayed quiet while she was bullied and teased, but she is no more quiet but powerful, strong and successful.

Instagram – @gahnawadhwa

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