Gabriela Peralta and Victor Hugo: 50 holes in the body, tattoos in the eyes too

Buenos AiresGabriela Peralta and Victor Hugo Peralta, a couple from Argentina, are obsessed with extreme body modifications. This couple’s craze for tattoos is such that both of them changed their appearance by filling black ink all over their body. This couple has done about 98 physical changes in their body till now. With this, Victor Hugo and Gabriella have become the most tattooed married couple in the world. Guinness World Records recently shared a video of him on Instagram, which has gone viral on social media.

Both met at a motorcycle event
According to Guinness World Records, Gabriella and Victor Hugo met at a motorcycle event in Buenos Aires about 24 years ago. Both had fallen in love at first sight. After this, both of them lived their desire of extreme body transformation together. However, he admits that doing so was not easy. You can call it a painful journey.

Tattoo in the eyes, 50 holes in the body
This couple has also got tattoos in their eyes. At the same time, 50 holes have been made in the body. The couple has gone through 8 microdermals, 14 body implants, 5 dental implants, 4 ear surgeries, 2 ear bolts and not even the tongue.

angel of hell
After so many physical changes, this couple does not seem to be of this world. Most people cringe at the sight of Gabriella and Victor Hugo. This is the reason that people have started calling this couple ‘angel of hell’. However, the couple does not care what people think about them.

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