From rags to riches. story of Gursewak singh jassal a young entrepreneur from india

Our generation is very clear about their goals. They know what they want to achieve and they keep working on their skills. Today’s generation is ambitious, dedicated, and educated. So have you ever wondered what is stopping this generation from moving towards success? The answer is opportunities. This generation has plenty of opportunities but they aren’t skilled enough to recognize them and use them to their benefits. WAF Entrepreneurs tackle this problem by promoting and assisting the local brands. WAF Entrepreneurs desire to encourage and lend a helping hand to the maximum number of Entrepreneurs. To accomplish your goals, it is very important to discern opportunities and no-one knows it better than Gursewak Singh Jassal, the director of WAF Entrepreneurs.

Gursewak Singh Jassal is the mastermind behind the success of WAF Entrepreneurs. He hails from Chandigarh and he belongs to a middle-class family. During the early phases of his life, he had to move around different places until his family settled down in Chandigarh. He graduated from Chandigarh’s top college and he completed his Masters with ardor. But his avidity to learn wasn’t satisfied by his institutions. He started working at an early age because he wanted to learn from experience. Photography, Backstage handling, Tours and Travels, and Event Management are some of the works from which he gained his wisdom. His family’s legacy of media was also passed down to him but he didn’t find his passion in it. But that didn’t leave him with forlorn hope.

Gursewak Singh Jassal’s support from his family kept him going. When he was looking for opportunities in social media, he stumbled upon WAF Entrepreneurs. He always loved to connect with people and he saw this opportunity with WAF Entrepreneurs. He endeavored to take this company to new heights and after two years he was able to do so. Today, WAF Entrepreneurs are helping thousands of entrepreneurs by providing them a platform to grow their business. WAF Entrepreneur connects with various determined people and helps them to meet their passion.

Today Gursewak Singh Jassal earns in six-digit and he wants to provide a platform to youth, where they will be able to earn six digits as well. He knows the hardships of a middle-class family and he wants to eradicate it. He wants the youth to start learning as soon as possible and by learning, he doesn’t mean certified education. After all his certificates didn’t help him as much as his skills did. Today he has aced the skills of communication, management, and leadership. This is because of his experiences which he gained when he started his professional life at the age of 18. Today he has credence in himself because of his knowledge. He aspires to motivate youngsters so that they will start striving for their passion. He wants to provide the youngsters a convenience so that the youth of your country who are also the pillars of our nation will start moving towards prosperity. He knows that the youth of your country has the potential and with WAF Entrepreneurs he wants to encourage the youth so that our country will progress.

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