Free crypto updates by Abhishek Mahankal on his Insta stories have gathered alot of praise and attention

 Crypto the new currency!

Something new and unconventional for our fast and ever-growing mankind.

Keeping up with the pace Abhishek Mahankal (@abhishekmahankal on Instagram) has opted for a rather unconventional way for spreading awareness and analysing the levels of various coins. All his setups are uploaded on Instagram stories for free every day, the overwhelming response and DMs are proof of how effective and financially uplifting the journey has been. People have made money in multiples and the trades have been 90% accurate.

When a whole lot of this society is exploiting and deceiving, he strongly believes in giving more and more to society. After launching trading courses he with his team of TRADR are planning to launch a foolproof course on cryptocurrency. The entire purpose is to train the young mind and divert more youngsters towards systematic investment and smart money.

Crypto is the future, start trading before it skyrockets.


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