France: World’s most unique picture ‘Monalisa’ attacked, accused in custody

The accused came in the form of an elderly woman, threw a cake on the picture, the good thing is that there is no harm to the picture

In the French capital of Paris, a delusional spectator attacked the world’s most famous, mysterious and expensive picture, the Monalisa, with a cake. After the attack, the assailant tried to break the glass installed for protection in order to damage the photograph. The good thing is that there was no damage to the painting in this attack. It is being told that the accused carried out this attack to do a publicity stunt in the name of environment. After the incident on Sunday, a 36-year-old man has been taken into custody and sent to the psychiatric unit of the police. Investigation has started against the accused for causing damage to the cultural artefacts.

According to the information, in the video going viral on social media, it is seen that a person wearing a wig reached on a wheel chair. She was wearing lipstick. The accused person had also thrown roses in the gallery of the museum. However, the identity of the accused is yet to be ascertained. The attacker looked like an old woman and suddenly got up from a wheel chair and attacked the bulletproof photograph of Monalisa. She even painted the cake on the picture. The attacker said that he is an environmental activist and as a protest he smeared cake on the painting. The attacker said, ‘Think of the earth. People are in the process of destroying the earth. Artists think about the earth and that is why I have done this. Think about the earth.

Let us tell you about this wonderful painting that this painting was made by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci about 500 years ago. Vinchik started making this painting in the year 1503, and after 14 years this painting was ready. Even before this, there have been attacks on the painting of Mona Lisa. Not only this, in the year 1911, this painting was also stolen by an employee. Monalisa means my lady. It is not only a painting but also a mystery in itself. The biggest feature of this picture is its smile. So far many researches have been done on it all over the world. The smile on the face made in the Mona Lisa painting is visible from every corner in a different angle. At first it is very visible, then gradually it starts fading, eventually it disappears completely. It took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to make only the lips of the Monalisa.

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