France: Arnaud Gerald sets world record by deep diving 120 meters in the sea

Arnaud did this dive without an oxygen cylinder, remained underwater for three minutes 34 seconds

French diver Arnaud Gerald has set a world record deep diving. Gerald broke the world record and made a new record in his name. After diving, they went down 120 meters, that is, about 393 feet in the sea. It took him 3 minutes 34 seconds to complete this dive. He did the deepest dive ever. The special thing is that Arnaud did this dive without an oxygen cylinder. Divers usually use oxygen cylinders to go deep into the water.

Arnaud Gerald set this record on August 9 at the annual Vertical Blue Competition held in the Bahamas. He remained underwater for a total of three minutes 34 seconds. Arnaud has broken the record for the seventh time. He said that the deep diving experience was great. It is special to break a record and set a new record. I worked really hard for deep diving.

According to a website by Arnaud Gerald, he started diving training from an early age. Gerald started participating in freediving competitions after completing his studies in 2017. Arnaud finished free diving training at the age of 16. This was followed by a dive to a depth of 30 metres. In 2019, Gerald set his first world record by diving 108 meters. After this, he achieved another new world record in 2020 by diving 112 meters.

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