Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat reached Kashipur, Congress

Report – Yogesh Shelly

After the election, during his assembly-wise tour program, former CM Harish Rawat reached Kashipur, where the workers welcomed him with a warm welcome, he said that this time the people have voted with the mind of change, and cast their vote in favor of Congress. This is the reason why the Congress is returning to power, he said that the internal factionalism going on in the BJP is the restlessness of defeat, that is why only after the voting, the BJP leaders themselves accepted that the traitors were happening. Because of which he is losing, he said that BJP has power in the hands, due to which there is also a possibility of EVM disturbances, for which the workers need to be alert, the same he said that the Congress government but as the chief He gave his answer in a filmy style about the face, and said that the bride is the one who drinks the mind, made the gesture clear to a large extent even for the wise.

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