First we first us uproar in the house

Due to the uproar over nutritional diet, the proceedings of the house were adjourned till a Thursday in the afternoon. As soon as he started making the statement, the Congress MLAs created a ruckus and the Speaker adjourned the proceedings of the House till Thursday. Wanted that we have put an adjournment on this issue, so we should be heard first, whereas on behalf of the ruling party, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan wanted to give his statement first and as soon as he started giving the statement, the Congress MLAs created a ruckus and the Speaker started the House. Proceeding adjourned. In fact, you first, not you first, we will speak first. On this, there was a lot of uproar in the House from both the sides till then we will speak, Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh said that the discussion should be conducted under Rule 139, the House should not be misled.

On this, Minister Gopal Bhargava said that let the question hour be over, after that the discussion will be held, then the Leader of the Opposition said, except the issue of nutritional food during the question hour, make a statement on other subjects, when the CM got up to speak on this, the opposition created a ruckus. Said that I have tried to clarify the whole situation on this subject, the question of running away from the discussion does not arise, then the Leader of Opposition should get this proposal discussed. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that I have been the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs for a long time, that’s why I am aware of this subject, but here the CM and the minister are speaking first and later we are being asked to speak. On this, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Kamal Nath is very knowledgeable in parliamentary knowledge, does the government not have the right that the government can express its views on the religion being spread about the big incident, he said that after my statement, the leader of the opposition said, we will answer. No one is running away from the discussion, please tell the Leader of the Opposition, in which there has been a discussion before, MLA Jitu Patwari also said that 15 adjournment motions have been taken, get it discussed and after that we listen to the Chief Minister’s statement, whatever the answer is. But as soon as the MLAs of the opposition stood up to give their statement on the issue of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the ruckus started. There is a draft, if there is a discrepancy in the report, then we will take strict action, regardless of whoever’s tenure, the Congress MLA sat in front of Asandi, the Home Minister read the ordinance and the Speaker, in view of the uproar, adjourned the proceedings of the house till Thursday. But the Congress MLAs sat on dharna in the House till 3:00 PM.

Overall, as was expected, the session may be limited but due to burning issues, the opposition will create a ruckus and this is happening for 2 days, today, on Thursday, the supplementary budget will be presented, there is a possibility that the house will be adjourned indefinitely till the evening. The way Congress MLAs are showing aggression, the election year can be easily guessed from the road to the house, the power struggle has intensified.

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