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Firozabad News: The death toll due to dengue fever in Firozabad is not taking its name to stop. Two days ago, 6 year old Pallavi, who was admitted to 100 bed hospital, also died due to dengue today. At the same time, the family has accused the doctor of negligence. Along with, due to non-receipt of the dead body, the family members of the girl took her body on a motorcycle.

The family of the girl took the dead body of her own free will: principal

At the same time, when the Principal of Medical College Sangeeta Aneja was asked about this, she said that due to the arrangement of suspicious vehicle and ambulance, the girl’s family took her body on a motorcycle on their own free will.

Nowadays the deaths in Firozabad district have shaken the common man. The data is given by the government administration of the government hospital. Apart from Firozabad city, neither counting nor hearing the deaths in rural areas.

The girl’s family members allege negligence

At the same time, the family members of the girl have accused the medical college administration and doctors of negligence. At the same time, the Principal of the Medical College, Sangeeta Aneja, is denying the allegations on negligence and has spoken of the family’s haste on the matter of carrying the dead body on the bike. By the way, recently the District Magistrate has taken action against 3 doctors of the district in negligence.


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