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There have been terrible incidents of arson in Delhi in the last four years. But neither the people learned any lesson nor the governments showed any promptness. That is why there has been a huge fire in the Mundka area of ​​Delhi. The offices of some companies were running in a four-storey building. There was neither a factory nor a furnace or chulha. The fire probably started due to an electrical fault. About 30 bodies were found yesterday and more than 30 people are still missing.

The dead bodies found are so badly burnt that it is difficult to even identify them. Many people jumped from the windows and their hands and feet were broken, some people ran out with their half-burnt bodies and some people could not run out of that building because there was only one narrow staircase to get down. There was a fierce commotion on that staircase and the smoke and fire made them completely useless. The government of Delhi and the Center has announced substantial compensation to the casualties but can anyone’s life be weighed with money?

Not only in Delhi, high-rise buildings are being constructed in every city of the country nowadays. Every tall building keeps ringing alarm bells. It can catch fire at any time and the reason can be anything. Governments have made laws and regulations to prevent such accidents, but laxity is seen everywhere in implementing them. The builders easily grab the safety certificate. When a fire breaks out, it is revealed that they have received the security letter in exchange for a bribe.

Why are all the officers and employees related to fire safety not held responsible in case of such fire? Whenever such fires happen, our fire brigade personnel play on their lives to protect the citizens. His bravery is admirable. Similarly, the citizens living nearby also try their best to save the fire victims. They put up stairs, keep tarpaulins down for jumpers, enter the burning building and bring out the casualties but unfortunately no government or non-government organization has made such arrangements for fire prevention. Discovered that so that the lives of hundreds of people can be saved immediately.

Ajaypal Singh, a young man from Satna in Madhya Pradesh, introduced me today to a mechanical trick that can save the lives of hundreds of people in minutes, even if they are trapped in a 50-storey building fire. If our Trade and Consumer Minister Piyush Goyal takes some initiative, then he can save not only India but all the countries of the world from this menace. With this mechanical trick, which is not even expensive, India can earn even if it is crores or billions of dollars.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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