Finland, Sweden’s leaders to meet Biden

Washington, Russia’s attack on Ukraine is going to be three months and in the meantime America and European countries are laying an all-out siege of Russia. In a new development, Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO, the world’s largest military alliance. After getting approval from their country’s parliament, both have formally applied for it. This application has been made through a letter written by the foreign ministers of both the countries. This will now be discussed in the North Atlantic Council. It may take up to a year for both the countries to get its membership.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Finland and Sweden are to meet US President Joe Biden at the White House. This meeting in itself is very special. Russia’s attitude can be discussed in this meeting, while many other big issues can also be discussed. The special thing is that both these leaders have been invited by President Biden himself for discussion. Both countries have filed applications only after the proposal to join NATO was approved in their respective parliaments.

Russia will also keep an eye on Finland and Sweden’s meeting with the US President. If these two European countries join NATO, then NATO troops will be knocked up to the border line of Russia. Russia cannot stop it even if it wants to. Keep in mind that Russia has attacked it because of the concern that Ukraine should not join NATO. If two European countries subscribe to NATO, then Russia will not be able to dare to attack them because then an attack on them will be considered as an attack on NATO.

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