Finally the fight between uncle and nephew ended, Govinda forgives Krishna

The big credit for the patchup between the two goes to the famous host Maniesh Paul. Last month, Krishna publicly apologized to his maternal uncle Govinda in Maniesh Paul’s podcast. Now recently, Govinda has forgiven Krishna on Same Podcast.

The day has finally arrived when the cold war between Bollywood’s most popular uncles and nephews came to an end. Chichi Mama has finally forgiven her beloved nephew Krushna Abhishek. With this, the tension that had been going on between the two for years finally ended. Krishna had also publicly apologized several times to persuade his angry maternal uncle. The big credit for the patch-up between the two goes to the famous host Maniesh Paul. He did what many others failed to do.

This historic patchup has been seen in Maniesh Paul’s podcast show. A few days before the show, Krishna had apologized to Govinda crying, and told him not to trust the words of outsiders. He loves her very much and that is the truth. After Krishna, now Govinda has entered Maniesh Paul’s show. He has openly accepted his nephew’s apology. Maniesh Paul has shared a video of Govinda on social media in which he tells the actor- “Krishna has come here and apologized. Sir, now if you have anything to say to him, then tell me, this is my request.

Then Govinda said on Krishna Abhishek’s apology – Vinda has also wished Krishna Abhishek for his bright future. Govinda said on Maniesh Paul’s talk show, ‘Krishna and Aarti are my favorite didi’s kids. I loved him a lot. You guys could not enjoy that happiness, I am very sad for that. I am not like that. I don’t want to be the reason for your misery. I don’t want you to be bothered by my behavior. I am always sorry for you. You have been happy and do well in life.’ Manish wrote in the caption of the video, “My favorite Govinda sir came on the podcast and cleared all the grievances. Love you sir.” Krishna Abhishek has also reacted to this video of Manish Paul. He has robbed his maternal uncle in the comment box. Krishna wrote – I also love you very much. Since then the comedian has also created heart emoji.

Let us tell you that no one knows the real reason behind the rift between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek. However, some people associated with the industry say that Kashmira Shah once made such a comment on Govinda’s family that he got angry and since then the tension has increased. In 2018, Krishna’s wife Kashmera Shah tweeted that some people dance for money. On this tweet, Sunita Ahuja had said that this tweet has been done against Govinda. After this Govinda and Sunita cut all relations with Krishna and Kashmera. Even in 2019, when Govinda came on Kapil Sharma’s show with family, Krishna did not appear on the show as Sunita did not want to share the stage with him. Govinda and Krishna tried to fix things on several occasions but that warmth of the relationship never came back.

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Sahil Kothari

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