Film Review: Know how Ajay-Amitabh and Rakul’s ‘Runway 34’ is, is there anything special in it

‘Runway 34’ is the only aviation film in India to be made in such a wonderful way

Nowadays, there is a trend in Bollywood to make films based on true events. In these films, a true incident is brought to life on a large scale. In this sequence, the name of another film has been added. The name of this movie is Runway 34. The film stars Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachchan, Rakul Preet Singh and Boman Irani in the lead roles. Ajay Devgan has directed this film. Although there have been many films based on true events in the Bollywood industry, hardly any film has been made, which tells about the difficulties faced by the pilot due to the weather during landing.

Let us tell you that Tom Hanks’ ‘Sully’ and Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ are in the Hollywood category. The story of this film is based on a true incident based on a Jet Airways flight coming from Doha to Cochin in 2015, where due to bad weather. There was no communication between the pilot and the control tower, due to which there was a fear of crashing the plane, but the wisdom of the pilot saved everyone from becoming a victim of a major accident.

Talking about this film, Ajay Devgan is in the role of a flamboyant and stylish pilot named Vikrant Khanna in the film. At the same time, Rakul Preet Singh is playing the role of his co-pilot. In the film, he takes a flight full of people from Doha to Kochi, but due to bad weather, it becomes very difficult to land the plane. In such a situation, despite millions of attempts to land on the designated runway, the team plane is not able to land. Then the pilots decide to land the Vikrant plane in Trivandrum instead of Bangalore. Skilled and courageous Vikrant based on his experience manages to do so without any casualties. With this landing comes a big twist in the story of the film. Vikrant is instead being lauded for his daring act, fingers are pointed at him and overall this is the interesting story of this splendid film. Now to know what happens to the pilot in this story? And how does the truth of the matter come out? To answer these questions, you will have to watch this thrilling film.

‘Runway 34’ is India’s only aviation film, which makes it even more special, in which Ajay Devgan has breathed his acting ability as well as directing. Talk about megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who enters the film clearly after the interval, gives a significant impetus to the already thrilling story. At the same time, super talented actress Rakul Preet Singh, who shared the screen with two big stars, has also left her mark in the film with her role. The actress has done full justice to her role as a co-pilot.

Runway 34 with a fresh storyline is a balanced film, with the right tang of technical and emotional masala. Apart from all these big stars in the film, there is also Akanksha Singh, Angira Dhar and YouTuber Carry Minati, which is special in itself to watch. If you are planning to visit Runway 34 with your family and friends, then this can be a good choice for you.

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Sahil Kothari

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