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New Delhi. Amidst many controversies, the biggest football event FIFA World Cup will start on Sunday. The first match of the Mahakumbh of football being held in Qatar will be held on Sunday night. The first match will be between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador, which has sparked a match-fixing controversy. A report has claimed that Qatar has given 60 crore rupees to Ecuador players to win the first match so that its players lose the match intentionally. Apart from this, there was a dispute regarding laborers etc. and news came that European countries are not happy to host Qatar.

However, in the midst of all these controversies, the Mahakumbh of the world’s most beautiful game will begin on Sunday. This match lasted for about a month and the final match will be played on 18 December. A total of 64 matches will be played in this tournament. Spain, Germany, Brazil are considered strong contenders for the title, but many teams are capable of causing upsets. The current champion France would also like to name this title again. Football lovers from all over the world have started arriving in Qatar and all the hotels, guest houses etc. have been booked long back.

The first match of the tournament will be played between hosts Qatar and Ecuador on November 20 at 9.30 pm. Like every year, 32 teams will participate in the FIFA World Cup 2022, among which 48 league matches will be played. Based on points, 16 teams will advance to the next round. All 32 teams have been divided into eight groups and after the league matches, the top two teams in each group will advance to the top 16. The subsequent round will see quarter-final matches between eight teams. The semi-final matches will be held on 14 and 15 December.

The two semi-final losers will clash for the third place on December 17. And the title match of the tournament will be played on December 18. All 64 matches of this tournament will be played in seven stadiums of Qatar. The team that wins the FIFA World Cup 2022 title will get prize money of around Rs 343 crore. While the losing team in the final match will get around Rs 245 crore as prize money.

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