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Ferrat Destine Makes It Big With His Artistic and Entrepreneurship Skills

It is rightfully said that our names play a great role in our lives. Everyone must have heard of Jean Ferrat, the famous French composer, just like they must be aware of the now-famous author and entrepreneur Ferrat Destine. He was indeed named after the composer, now he has managed to hold up to that, creating great works for the Haitian culture as well as books for people to read all across the globe. He has also worked with The Cultural Newspaper and Ticket Magazine in 2007, which was a huge success for him. Soon enough, he decided to bring up more cultural works so that he could promote the love for it. This gave him a lot of exposure since it is one of those popular magazines that a lot of people read. Besides this, he is also the designer of ‘Qui eyes vou?’. It was a show meant to help students connect to various Haitian artists in all music genres. He gained a lot of popularity for this.

Ferrat Destine might appear business and work-oriented, but deep down, he is a loving individual. He has a magnetic personality, he is easy to talk to, and down to earth. With such achievements, you may think he is egoistic, but he has never been so and has always tried to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams without any hesitation. Ferrat loves to listen to motivational speeches and inspire others with his knowledge and experiences. After all, when he first moved to the United States in the mid-2000s, he was also nothing but a young man with aspirations and a willingness to work hard. With hard work and efforts, he was able to establish himself as the CEO of Impress service LLC. He has also written some remarkable works including his collection of poems ‘Sentimental Virus’. Ferrat currently runs a blog at the moment which spreads positivity and fills others with motivation.

One of Ferrat’s biggest achievements was to publish his very own book ‘Sentimental Virus’, a collection of poems, which became one of the top sellers on Amazon. He was also appointed Culture Promoter by Prime Minister Marie Laurence Jocelin Lassegue. He now commits most of his time to inspire young and growing entrepreneurs who need to learn a lot about life, discipline,e and commitment towards their goals.

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