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Fear, Ego and Triangle

How can a man feel guilty? The society of his intellect, There is a departure from the triangle of religion and politics. Every human being is an unconscious creature in the open prison of the triangle. Every evil or evil does not knock him because they have been generalized from history and hereditary experiences. Once there was a sword, now a missile Bulldozers and sticks. Therefore it is justified and useful. animalism, Evil and tools are permanent. but yes, change form. If some evil is the support of the society, then some is the strength of religion and some is the power of politics.

Judgment estuary-27: If open prison and pet life are human truth, then the question is, then what is the meaning of the talk of man becoming civilized, making civilization? The more profound question is, why does man get trapped in animal destiny by roaming around? The reason is man himself. Whatever has happened and whatever is there is from man’s own thoughts. Means first thing like human nature like idea! The second point is the natural behavior of the biological body (DNA) made from the skull. The third point is the flying three instincts of intelligence, freedom (karma) and the ‘master’ of the ‘I’. The fourth point is the three inventions-tools of man (stone, fire and language). The fifth point is his three attainments (hunting, animal husbandry and plant farming). The sixth, last point is the creation of society, religion and politics by homo sapiens in fear of the mind. And then in the triad of all three there is the binding of individuality.

If we consider in any language and understanding of science, psychology, philosophy, religion, then it will be understood that man has acquired the intellect of Brahma, the mind-karma of Vishnu, the ego of Shiva, the fickle mind of the moon, the subtle five elements of the senses (touch, taste, smell, form and word) all in their perfection have been held hostage to the triangle of society, religion and politics, from which human life has become a destined pattern.

Here is the total achievement of man! Therein lies the gradual development. There are stories. is history. Civilizations are fences. Countries have four walls. It is a cycle of both evolution and destruction, the end of which is now coming closer to the timeline of the doomsday of the environment and the earth.

The question is, why did Homo sapiens first search for the ideas of society, religion, politics and why did he tie life in the three-armed trinity?

community, Religion, Politics

The first root cause in response is fear. Fear is the reason why the first person became part of the clan. Secondly, which led to the formation of witchcraft, tribal exorcists or priests and superstitions. Third, like chimpanzees, human groups began to be governed by chiefs. These three were then transformed into society, religion and politics with agriculture and settlement.

The second reason is the differences in human nature. Means human mind like animals because they do not have the same intellect, then every person has different thoughts, ideas, behavior in the heart and mind. Every mind makes sense of its existence. In his own ego, he then falls into the self-centred, individualistic nature of the ‘I’.

So the differences in human intelligence and temperament created the idea in the skull of Homo sapiens that humans must be bound together and bound together. It is necessary to make them behave in the same way. Otherwise it is not possible for humans of different individual skulls to live together, nor will the fights of hunger, fear, hunter’s instincts end. Collective life is essential for human existence even for the sake of security. Only then there was a gradual formation of society in the tags of family, clan, clan, caste etc.

So, the first side, the first angle, the first vertex was and is the first side of the social building triangle. Then when nomadic humans started living together for farming, settlements and towns were established, then religion found a systematic form in the continuity of superstitious traditions, magic and sorcery created during the time of Jangal-tribal life. Superstitions became useful again. Create new ideas. In the reality of the different nature, strength, behavior of humans, it was thought that this is the result of some supernatural power. There is some God who creates different nature and behavior in a person. Before that, in the differences between the experiences of male-female, weak-powerful, childless-children, unhappy-happy, disaster-disaster or life experiences, the human skull thought that how all this? In response to this, the imagination of a supernatural power, God’s Leela, was formed. Further, individual characteristics were thought of in the notions of supernatural power. The priest became powerful. Ritual rituals have become a necessity of life. The dharma ideas of virtue-misconduct-moral values, rites, sin-virtue were formed in the system of living in a collective life.

And the construction of the other side, the other angle, the second vertex of the Dharma Triangle was and is. In this, the distinction between the importance of the exorcist of the clan, high and low, the experience of the powerful and the weak were made from the nomadic life. The composition of the priestly and hereditary chieftains of the tribes automatically became the basis for the permanent settlement of the nomadic people. Where the human skull envisioned God in the supernatural power of religion, made exorcists-priests to worship him, while the tradition of hereditary chieftains for the security system of the clan was strengthened. After the beginning of agriculture, or when civilizations began to be formed four thousand years ago, when the priest of Homo sapiens declared the chief a king with special grace of God, it is an incomprehensible puzzle. It is so certain that even before the formation of civilization, the pair of God, priest and clan chief had found their existence, dominance among the people. Both were promoting each other.

priest-king standing

Therefore, the essence of the evolution of Homo sapiens is that its supposed to be civilized, to make civilization, to form society-religion-politics is an extension of the tribal tradition. The nomadic tribes already had a groove of society, religion and politics. The primitive anxiety of fear, hunger, insecurity remained constant behind the formation of all three. It is obvious that the total accumulated history of the idea and development of the three social-religion-politics means the powerhouse of supernatural power, power and power.

The people of God, the priest of God and the incarnate king of God, this amazing aspect of Homo sapien civilization, what happened in the imaginations of human skull, how did it become a phenomenon and what kind of life did 108 billion people get from it?

The funny thing is that all the human beings all over the earth have universally made and adopted the triangle of society, religion, politics. And then from them human intellect as if part of divine artificial intelligence!

When was the triangle formed? Only four to five thousand years ago.

Consider the triangle as an invention of necessity or is it the incinerating result of human fear and ego? In your opinion, fear is an innocent result of ego!

The ego is commanding!

The fact is that in the common nature of fear, the killing instinct, the arrogance of powerful, possessive persons led to leadership. The arrogant man became the commander of the society. The priests-kings (both the protectors in fear, the stone-sticks-power-holders, the maintainers) and the power hierarchical ‘I’ below them, this violence and arrogance is natural that the ‘I’ is everything. Protector, master, foster and omniscient! That’s why this brainstorming in all the stories of philosophy and religion, from Mahabharata-Ramayana to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, this knowledge is constant, how to get man out of ego, pride. People should think that he is nothing. Let him leave the worry of this world and spend his life in the service of the world, God, and the hereafter. But what does known history tell? In the violence of the ego, the battles of the leader and the society and the triangle of society-religion-politics tying the man. Means that experience of dharmashahi, monarchy, feudalism, war, democracy, exploitation, tyranny, nationalism, violence, terrorism, etc., whose central point is some kind of ego.

In the ego itself, revolutions of society-religion-politics took place. He upset the balance. The three angles of the triangle have always been unbalanced by the ego of the chief, the king, the head of the system. Sometimes the equivalence of the sides of the triangle ended with some god of religion, pope, prophet, and sometimes due to the whims of some king, president, prime minister, dictator of politics, human beings were imprisoned. Once the whole triangle of thinkers, revolutionaries, obsessive-jihadis of society became an inhuman laboratory.

Therefore, this conclusion is proved that the name of the sufferings of 108 billion human children of the earth is the common triangle of society-religion and politics!

This conclusion can be extreme and misunderstood. Several fundamental questions will arise. But if one considers the realities of life of the present eight billion people, the experiences of known human history as a whole, then the notion that human beings got nectar from the triangle would seem absurd! 108 billion people got that decent life, in which there was happiness, prosperity, happiness and contentment, not hunger, fear, insecurity. Consider the lives of the current eight billion people. If earlier 98 percent of the population of human civilization were living in hell, then in modern times 90-95 percent people are living inhuman life. Hunger, fear, superstitions, conflicts, violence, exploited and undeclared dictatorships are in those systems in which life is in open prison.

the truth of eight billion people

Consider the individual human life in 195 countries? How many of the eight billion people are driven by the superstitions, arrogance, malice and obsession of religion? In how many countries are there prisoners in the prisons of Praja Swamitadi-totalitarian systems? Then whether the prison is due to dictators ceding different religions and races or because of the pride of civilization. Prominent examples of this are China and Russia. In many countries, the society has still considered its leadership, the President as an incarnation, then the other tendencies are religion, history, political need to fulfill the wishes of the society. Society, religion and politics have spread and created the ignorance that barbarism is justified. Driving a bulldozer is a civilization.

It is natural for humanity to stir up in the triangle of society, religion and politics, how are the minds of the people of Russia and President Putin so engrossed in the arrogance and barbarism that they are destroying Ukraine? How is the Russian society carrying so much stub-animal patriotism that there is not even the slightest guilt and anger in the hearts and minds of the people and every inhumanity is justified in racial arrogance. No shame, no guilt and no guilt.

Think about the current experiences of the twenty-first century! That’s why this sentence of Ukrainian poet-novelist Oksana Zabuzhko is worth considering for the whole human society that ‘Are there no guilty people in the world?’

How can a man feel guilty? His intellect is lost from the triangle. Every human being is an unconscious creature in the open prison of the triangle. Every evil or evil does not knock him because they have been generalized from history and hereditary experiences. Once there was a sword, now it is a missile, a bulldozer and a stick. Therefore it is justified and useful. Animalism, evil and tools are permanent. But yes, forms do change. If some evil is the support of the society, then some is the strength of religion and some is the power of politics.

The root of all is the ego of the ‘I’ of human nature. All kinds of arrogance to fool the theologians, popes, kings (from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan to Hitler, Putin) and thinkers-storytellers. Their chakri pat has made the triangle that whirlpool of human beings, in which it is not possible to understand that if the pride of building a civilization is hollow, then Homo sapien (wisdom) or the arrogant claim of humans to be ‘knowledgeable’! (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

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