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Fashion celebrity’s son did a very shameful act with a drunk actress, arrested

New Delhi | Obscene Messages to Actress: It is often heard that the actress is being harassed by sending obscene messages on her mobile. But this time it was the son of a famous fashion designer who made such a blunder with an actress. After which the police arrested him. According to reports, Adam Bidappa, son of famous fashion designer Prasad Bidappa, has been arrested by the police for allegedly sending obscene messages to a Kannada film actress.

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Drunk was sending obscene and lewd messages
The actress, who was troubled by the obscene messages, had lodged her complaint with the Indiranagar police station on Thursday. The actress said that my family and I are very shocked and the son of a VVIP has made a very shameful attack on her on WhatsApp. He told that, when he sent me those messages on the night of 25 February, he was completely intoxicated. His messages are abusive, cruel and very lewd. This has caused me a lot of mental trouble in the last one week.

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7 months pregnant actress
Obscene Messages to Actress: Giving information, the actress said that, I am seven months pregnant. I am avoiding everything that generates negative energy. In such a situation, these obscene messages are bothering me a lot. The actress warned that she would not spare any person who defames her or her family.

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